Gay cavemen!!!

By Razib Khan | April 7, 2011 3:49 pm

I hadn’t run into this story today (thank God!). John Hawks’ begins a critical post:

I am just about to go crazy today. I just can’t seem to escape the “gay caveman” story.

No, I don’t mean the Geico caveman who likes mango duck breast and who has Talia Shire as his therapist. His sexual orientation I don’t know.

In the sitcom, Cavemen, they were all straight. The main issue in regards to sexuality was that one of the cavemen tended to date sapiens sapiens females, and his girlfriend had a tendency to hook up with cavemen. Another of the cavemen frowned up these “mixed” relationships.


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  1. steve

    They will stop at nothing! So now this will be brought to the supreme court. Cavemen were gay and they were aloud to marry.

  2. Sandgroper

    It’s lucky you don’t read German.

  3. IanW

    So how come the Flintstones’s song says they want to “have a gay old time”? huh? huh? huh?!

  4. I am reminded of this XKCD, in which scientific results are totally accurately represented in the media.

  5. ackbar

    “Cavemen were gay and they were aloud to marry.”

    Too loud, too loud, it’s all you hear about.

    Why can’t the gay cavemen just shut up and go back in their caves?

  6. The xkcd strip is alright for showing the problem of publication bias with the .05 significance standard, but I found Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal funnier.

    British papers are known as the worst though. Even Satoshi Kanazawa says they’re full of lies! If they were dishonest enough though, his call to boycott interviews with them would make no difference.

  7. Sandgroper

    Of the execrable reporting on Fukushima, aside from Brit tabloids, of which no serious person expects anything except muck, the Germans seemed to be the worst, but Germans are noticeably touchy about r-r-r-r-r-radiation. No excuse for some of the drivel they wrote though.

    It’s not a bad idea – maybe there should be a Science Reporting Wall of Shame, but it would need to be moderated, and reserved for only the really awful stuff like this one.

    The problem with this one is it’s hard to tell to what extent the archaeologists contributed to its awfulness.

  8. British papers are known as the worst though.

    Their television isn’t much better – the scientific popularizations I’ve seen from the BBC have been uniformly terrible. Admittedly, there’s little of quality science reporting in the US either.

    If we have to bowdlerize and ‘simplify’ all of the detail from a story in order to communicate effectively with the target populations, shouldn’t we question 1) whether we’re getting any of the actual message across and 2) whether there’s any point to trying to keep those populations ‘informed’ in the first place?

  9. OT

    > Germans are noticeably touchy about r-r-r-r-r-radiation

    Sandgroper , when it’s about radiation we can’t help but to channel feverishly our inner garden gnome, and that little guy decreed nuclear science not to be Aryan some time ago–nothing doing.

  10. Sandgroper

    Don’t want to pick on the Germans particularly, a lot of the reporting in other foreign media was only marginally less hysterical.

    But I’m fascinated by how Germany buys nuclear energy from France – that’s really rather clever.

    Garden gnomes are a whole other topic. But I think you can’t claim credit for inventing the pink plastic flamingo.


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