Libya's one road

By Razib Khan | April 7, 2011 7:23 pm

The whole Libyan affair seems kind of like a joke, albeit with some serious consequences for the people involved. Gaddafi’s bizarre behavior. Hapless rebels which seem out of central casting for a dark military comedy like Tropic Thunder. An American political class unable to form a coherent message as to the rationale for the intervention. All set against the background of an even more pressing humanitarian crisis in the Ivory Coast.

As Americans are not familiar with Libya at this point the news media has been plying us with many maps which show the locations of the battles. All of them seem distributed along the nation’s coast on the Mediterranean. This makes sense because of the climate of the country, as well as the concentration of oil refineries in this region. But the maps which always seem to show one set of roads hugging the coastline also make me think of South Park. Here’s the clip below which makes my logic clear:

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  1. hunayun libi luwi

    thanks for your enlightening and multidiciplinary blog
    sadly libyan rebels are mere civilians who braveheartedly fight to protect their families and there is even rebels whose sole weapons are toy guns
    please see the video below
    btw there are many towns in the interior of Libya mostly in the oasis and the plateaux (towns such sabha, kofra, awjila, nalut, msellata, naffusa, ghadames…)

  2. Juan

    I remember playing WW2 war games as a kid, specifically one for the North Africa Campaign. My friend and I faced off and we ended up chasing each other back and forth along the coast, each time one would get the advantage, then race east or west, which would overstretch our supply lines and make us vulnerable to the inevitable counter-attack. We did this a couple times before we realized winning the game was all about supply line management. The game had a rather detailed model for supply lines — which was really boring, so we stopped playing that game.

    Supply-line management is not fun for 13 year olds.

  3. i keep thinking ww2 documentaries when i see tobruk.

  4. Sandgroper

    I knew two guys who were among the Rats of Tobruk, both Australian. They hated each other’s guts – couldn’t stand the sight of each other. Just the mention of each other’s names would enrage them.

    Don’t know what happened between them at Tobruk, neither would discuss it, but it must have been powerfully bad.

  5. I think we shouldn’t have gotten involve. my 2 cents


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