Open Thread – 4/30/2011

By Razib Khan | April 30, 2011 1:30 am

I haven’t had these for a while. Following a request from the new year I’ve been mulling how to write up Population Structure and Eigenanalysis in an intelligible manner to the general readership. Still kind of at an impasse. On a logistical note, my email address is really getting on way too many mailing lists. If you want a prompt response from me twitter might be best, at least until I get overwhelmed by the noise on that service and move on to something else….

  • Darkseid

    the first thing i do when i see and open thread is i just want to look at it

  • cat

    Just found this blog, thanks for pointing me to this paper — I am not in this field but am a casual observer, so I look forward to your writeup!

  • David S

    I thought I’d ask what you think of Why The West Rules–For Now, by Ian Morris, if you’ve seen it. (You did have a review of it by Jason Collins on your pinboard, so I thought it might be on your radar.)

    I found it an interesting attempt at a quantitative comparison of civilizations and their rise and decline, with an enormous amount of ground covered, though I’m not convinced by all his arguments. It’s not much interested in genetic underpinnings to history, but does mention Cochran and Harpending in the references, as well as Gregory Clark. Its author also admits to being one of those social scientists like Paul Krugman and Peter Turchin (who also gets a footnote) who was inspired by the prospect of becoming a real Hari Seldon; so it’s not surprising he also mentions Clarke and Heinlein. It got well reviewed by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, with Jared Diamond agreeing on the dust jacket. Though I found it fairly impressive overall, I’m aware that you’ve read a lot more history than I have, so I ‘m curious to see if you’ve taken a look at it, and what you might have thought.

  • Razib Khan

    #3, i read it. honestly, i felt i knew what to ignore and what to focus on. the first half of the book was much more interesting than the second half, where his expertise is less. all i’d say is *read with caution* kind of like *guns, germs, and steel*


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