Ashkenazi 23andMe v3 genotype for the taking

By Razib Khan | May 11, 2011 1:45 pm

Recently a friend got their 23andMe genotype results, and was wondering if there was something they could do for the “greater good.” I told him that he should throw his genotype out to the public domain and attach his name to it. For various reasons he declined to go that far, but he did consent to me to putting his genotype online without personal identifying information. I can tell you that he is a relatively young male of 100% (to his knowledge) Ashkenazi Jewish heritage.

You can get a zipped folder with the raw text file and a binary pedigree formatted file here. If you click the free download option after 30 seconds you’ll get the file within about 5 minutes on a broadband connection (that was my experience at least).

If anyone else wants to throw their genotype to the public domain with as much or as little information as you want just email me at contactgxnp -at- gmail -dot- com. Here’s a spreadsheet with other people who have put their gentoypes online. I want to put up a “roundup” post with a bunch of people who do just that in the near future.

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  1. while this is a nice gesture, unfortunately the genetic information by itself doesn’t help us to build any correlations between genotype and phenotype. in order to do anything useful with it, we really need more information about the people posting their genotype information, and in a standardized format. for example, information that would be useful would include (family) medical history, profession/interests, weight and other biometrics, lifestyle and eating habits. these answers would preferably be automatically formatted in response to some web survey that can be improved upon but remain backwards-compatible to old versions of the survey.

    who’s up for writing such a survey? if only i had a clone…


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