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By Razib Khan | May 21, 2011 11:58 am

In the U.S., Tablets are TV Buddies while eReaders Make Great Bedfellows:

Fast Company has a write up of the survey, concluding:

What can we learn from this data? Smart gadgets are pervasive. They’re already changing long-held habits, and doing so very fast. If you’re a content creator on almost any platform, you’ll need to be aware of how your audience’s attention is changing, and if you’re a marketer then think of the plethora of new ways to appeal to the public through their emerging habits.

One thing I notice about reading on the Kindle is that I’m more likely to finish books I begin front-to-back, because the device keeps my place. Flipping through the “book” is actually not as fluid, so in some ways I guess the Kindle is enforcing a retro-traditional reading style on me.

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    This reminds me of only a year ago when the Ipad was announced. It met a lot of derisive criticism from people who said it had no real practical uses. Now a year later and tablets are quickly becoming an indispensible part of our daily lives. E-readers are too, to a lesser extent, but I feel are limited by the lack of touch screens.

  • Ghoghogol

    Most of those categories imply some amount of multitasking.

    When I’m reading my Kindle, though, that’s what I’m doing. I suppose that is what other activity means. As in, I’m sitting in a chair when I’m reading?

    Does “watching TV” mean they are surfing while watching TV? Or are people watching Netflix and watching TV? Confusing categories.


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