Friday Fluff – June 24th, 2011

By Razib Khan | June 24, 2011 1:14 am


1) Post from the past: The wisdom of Seinfeld. How far in the past? When I wrote this it was closer to the series finale of Seinfeld than to now!

2) Weird search query of the week: “economics of having children marketplace.” I think I might have mentioned some of Murray Rothbard’s strange ideas on this at some point….

3) Comment of the week, in response to “Cave of Forgotten Dreams, see it, but tune the narration out”:

You are not the first person to misspell his first name “Werner” in that manner, many do it with purpose to undercut the man and discredit his films (though I assume you would argue a minor overlook and/or simple mistake). His films continue to command viewing decades after their making and his legend grows with that.

Is it a perfect film? -No.
Is it an essential film? – Absolutely.
Was the scientific element that you vented about present? -Yes
If there was more scientific informations would we have missed out on the humanity of it? -Yes

“Humaness” as it was put in the film has much a place in the culture of man as the sciences of explanation. This was easily the best film to date of 2011, and the best film period I have seen in 3 years. Regardless of whether these Chauvet caves are ever filmed again or not, people in 100 years will still know of this film. Our grandchildren’s grandchildren who will not even know our names from their family trees will have access to this film when the Hangover Part II’s and the other films like it that are worthless in the “Humaness” sense will be forgotten in even the footnotes of history. Like it or not, Werner’s annoying commentary (annoying to you Razib) has just become the official voice of authority on the Chauvet Cave of our generation to all the generations of the world to come. He may not be Jean-Marie Chauvet or his colleagues, but unto future generations he will be like unto Howard Carter, Gertrude Bell and even Hemingway.

4) And finally, your weekly fluff fix:

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  • HH

    “economics of having children marketplace” isn’t that weird. There’s been an ongoing debate between the Freakonomics authors, Bryan Caplan, Amy Chua, and some others about the economics of having kids, and I believe that some of these guys appeared on NPR’s Marketplace segment.

  • tak

    . . . and our harried blogger indeed blogged about that segment 8 days ago.

  • Dwight E. Howell

    You belled the cat. Are the mice happy?

  • bob sykes

    Does “Killah” represent the pre-bell reality, or does it refer sarcastically to Killah’s dreams?

    Is Fluff belled, too?

  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    Screw the mice. I bell my cats so they don’t sneak up on me.


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