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By Razib Khan | July 25, 2011 1:44 am

I assume you’re hot?

Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.. I’ve read Gates of Vienna before. Despite my anti-multiculturalist attitudes I generally departed with them over their sloppy marshaling of history. Two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Ironically I was introduced to the blog mostly by someone who is now a moderately scary Muslim (they converted, at the time they were very not Muslim. Now they engage in quasi-apologia for reactionary Muslim behavior like death threats against blasphemers).

What should evolutionary psychology comprise? Also see John Hawks.

Epigenetic ‘Memory’ Key to Nature Versus Nurture. Epigenetics is trending.

Rival Debt Plans Being Assembled by Party Leaders. No comment.

Social Media Study: Conservatives Were Top Tweeters in 2010 U.S. Elections. Interesting in that I recall a lot of talk about political blogging being counter-cyclical (when your party is out of power there’s more of a need and impulse to get online to organize and communicate).

Social Transmission and the Spread of Modern Contraception in Rural Ethiopia. I think there’s too much emphasis on individual scale variables like female education, and not enough on broader cultural shifts. Both need to be focused upon. Some of the fertility drops across the world can’t just be explained by development. Rather, shifts in the Zeitgest result in smaller families, which then enable development, and so further reductions in fertility.

Cereal Domestication and Evolution of Branching: Evidence for Soft Selection in the Tb1 Orthologue of Pearl Millet (Pennisetum glaucum [L.] R. Br.) The same argument has been made for other crops. Parallel instances of parallel evolution.

GOP Making Strong Party ID Gains Among Whites. I think there’s a lot of truth to the idea that Republicans have issues in terms of long term demographics. But, Freddie Prinze Jr. is a Republican, and, of part-Latino origin. But does he, or anyone else, identify him as non-white? I doubt it.

Linguistic diversity and traffic accidents. The witch-doctors will scream!

Fugitives, and Others, in Pursuit of Vice Find Thailand’s Liberties to Be a Virtue. Unbelievable.

A Goodbye To Borders. Not a libertarian polemic. It’s about the book store. I think we’re looking at bimodality in terms of book purchase. It will be local and independent, or, it will be cyber-commoditized and faceless. No room for corporate bricks & mortar in between.

Is India Too Corrupt to Become Powerful? Italy is the 10th largest economy in the world. Then again, Greece whipped its ass in World War 2 despite having 1/5th the population.

Male Genital Morphology and Its Influence on Female Mating Preferences and Paternity Success in Guppies. Sexy.

Amid Unemployment, Spain Aims to Limit Romanian Influx. Hm. -nian? Or not?

The Demoiselle of X-Inactivation: 50 Years Old and As Trendy and Mesmerising As Ever. I had to look up “Demoiselle”.

Disputes Over Content of Wikipedia Articles Reflect a Country’s Geopolitical Instability, Study Finds. They needed to do a study on that?

How accurate is the new Ion Torrent genome, really? Must read from Dr. Daniel MacArthur.

Genome-Wide Association Study Identifies HLA-DP as a Susceptibility Gene for Pediatric Asthma in Asian Populations. Every living Japanese medical geneticist contributed to this paper.

Nonlinear Fitness Landscape of a Molecular Pathway. This brings a smile to Sewall Wright’s face.

Rare and Common Regulatory Variation in Population-Scale Sequenced Human Genomes. “Finally, we show the impact of rare regulatory variants that cannot be detected by the conventional methodologies of association and require the interrogation of full genome sequencing and full transcriptome sequencing.”

Replication and Explorations of High-Order Epistasis Using a Large Advanced Intercross Line Pedigree. Sewall Wright smiles once more.

Do Social Networks Really Compete? Google+ Vs. LinkedIn, Round One. Supports my contention that we’re in the age of genuine competition between social networks.

Goldman Sachs Disappoints With Earnings of $1.05 Billion. Barely 1 billion! Oh my. I’m still going on long on the proposition that GS will make money by screwing us over and then slapping us with a bill for the privilege of being their bitches in the near future. I really hope I’m being inordinately cynical and pessimistic. But then I suspect that g and decency are only mildly correlated.

Vegetarian Diet May Protect Against Common Bowel Disorder. Is it worth it if you are miserable?

2011 GNXP Reader Survey. Final N for completed surveys is 624. Though many questions have more.

Race Matters When Recruiting, Retaining Undergraduate Women Engineers. We need for female Native American engineers!

Adaptive Group Coordination and Role Differentiation. The sum can be greater than the parts.

Climate-related variation of the human nasal cavity. Yes, this was published in 2011, not 1911!

Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix. Hustler.

Significantly More Genetic Mutations Lead to Colon Cancer. The low hanging fruit is gone. We live in the age of polygenic discoveries.

Risk averse Taiwanese are also more religious. No great surprise. Though I think religion in some contexts can increase risky behavior in terms of giving people the psychological support to be less cautious.


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  1. Sandgroper

    Hot? Just been to the gym and I’m pumped – I’m the sexiest thing alive.

    My direct RL experience is as you’ve said – more religious people put trust in the divine to protect them, so long as they say the right stuff, hold their mouths right, burn the right stuff, etc, instead of understanding risk, realizing there’s no-one micro-managing the universe, and taking practical steps to reduce their exposure. It doesn’t mean the more religious are less risk averse, just that they may not see that often risk mitigation is in their own hands.

    Support from co-religionists may also be a false hope – when the shit hits the fan, kneeling down and praying is usually not the most useful response, and there’s nothing to say that the more religious are more altruistic.

  2. Christopher

    On bookstores: in Ottawa, a local independent bookstore actually expanded, taking over an adjacent lot and pulling down the wall. Meanwhile, Indigo (a Canadian big box chain bookstore – the only one, AFAIK) expanded it kids section in various locations. I’m guessing they are seeing the writing on the wall, and are expanding into a market that can’t be so easily digitized.

  3. chris w

    “Killings in Norway Spotlight Anti-Muslim Thought in U.S.. I’ve read Gates of Vienna before. Despite my anti-multiculturalist attitudes I generally departed with them over their sloppy marshaling of history.”

    They have a good daily news feed though. I haven’t read many of their opinion pieces.

    “Fugitives, and Others, in Pursuit of Vice Find Thailand’s Liberties to Be a Virtue. Unbelievable.”

    Awesome article.

  4. chris w

    The Thailand phenomenon might bring more girls into being that look like this:

    (That’s Sonia Couling — she’s a Thai model with an English father.)

  5. Sandgroper

    Vegetarian diet – They are not distinguishing between soluble and insoluble fibre, which could be seriously misleading. Types of meat could also be significant, e.g. blood proteins present in beef that are typically not present in other meat because of the way the animals are slaughtered.

  6. Mercy

    “(they converted, at the time they were very not Muslim. Now they engage in quasi-apologia for reactionary Muslim behavior like death threats against blasphemers).”

    This isn’t really that strange (or uncommon IME), when you consider the views that tend to cluster with islamophobia – anti-liberal, anti-feminist, anti-Marxist … anti-West basically. And it’s not like they’ve changed their mind about the big issue, that the West and Islam are incompatible; they’ve just switched sides after realising the futility of trying to resurrect the pre-socialist west. I suspect the racial associations, and a romantic attachment to european culture, are the only thing keeping the rest of them from jumping ship. I suppose that’s the irony you meant, that they were converted due to views picked up in opposition, like neoconservatives who believe in the unlimited power of imperialism because of their time as trotskyites.

  7. #8, she was a neoconservative. not socially conservative either. anyway, i’m an islamophobe just so you know 🙂


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