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By Razib Khan | July 1, 2011 11:41 pm

Google+ for the Blogger and Researcher:

After a couple days of playing with it, I haven’t quite identified what it is for, or at least how I’m going to use it differently from twitter or facebook, but so far I am generally impressed – it’s easy, intuitive, and fast. It also allows you a level of selective privacy that – while possible to achieve – is very clunky on Facebook. It only took me 10 minutes on the web interface and another 10 minutes after downloading the Android app to figure out how it all worked. And Google+ is already far better integrated into the mobile user experience than Facebook is (though this is to be expected for a phone that runs Android).

Yes. I haven’t used Google+ much, but:

1 – The user experience is manifestly superior to Facebook’s still. Interaction with the UI is more fluid and natural. Again, this may be due to the fact that it can be superior because the user base is small. No idea.

2 – The circles are great. My Facebook requests I mentally put into two categories. One category are people who I recognize immediately. I know them. Another category are people I’m vaguer on in terms of details (often they’re readers who don’t comment much, etc.). With circles I waste a lot less time being confused. If I don’t know you well, I put you in the acquaintances circle. Period.

3 – The Google+ Android app is very good. Much better than what I have for Facebook.

Then again, I haven’t really utilized Google+’s features too much, I’ve just accepted people who make friend requests. Lots of the comments I see in my stream are to the effect of “hey, can Google+ do this?”


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  1. axet
  2. AG

    All these network related apps really contribute the decline of blogging and its readership.

  3. Sandgroper

    Hadn’t noticed. My favourite bloggers all still blog. No idea about readership.

    Is there a decline in readership that correlates with the rise of Facebook, Twitter et al?

  4. rick

    I think it’s great. A lot of people are more than a little disenchanted with facebook just for generic reasons and love a viable alternative. A not-so-generic reason is that it’s great to have a social network my mother isn’t on

  5. BuzzPoet

    The biggest problem with Google+ is that most of us don’t have access yet. That’s annoying for us rubes, who can only read these reports from the privileged people who got invites, like dangling steak in front of a hungry dog, but it’s also bad for the people already on it, whose invites are getting rate limited, because it limits the full potential of the experience for them.

    @AG (or should I write +AG ? 🙂
    From what I’ve seen, you can write full blog-size posts right in your Google+ stream, so it basically combines blogging with the rest of the social network experience (status updates, links to interesting stuff, etc.). The only way to do something like that on Facebook is to write Notes, which is a bit clunky and contrived for blogging.

  6. Adam

    Sorry, but your second point is kinda invalid because I have categories on Facebook and these show up in the online char bar…

  7. All these network related apps really contribute the decline of blogging and its readership.


  8. also, i don’t know how to invite ppl who are not suggested.

  9. Clark

    Unfortunately it doesn’t work with Google Apps. Given the pain of trying to be simultaneously logged in to Google with two accounts simultaneously that counts out most of the people actually using Google and paying them. Very annoying. Wouldn’t you want those people to be among the first?

  10. Ian

    Definitely looks interesting. Facebook with a cleaner interface and the ability to separate different circles of friends would be wonderful. Although really (and I have no idea if it’s possible or not, since like all the other plebs I don’t have access to Google+), ‘circles’ would really only do what I want if (a) people could belong to multiple circles, and (b) it would have an “all but x” and “ONLY x, z and a” functionality, when it came to sharing things.

  11. Ian,

    (a) Yes.
    (b) You can choose which (multiple) circles to post to, in addition to granting access to individuals, but there’s no exclusion option for individuals (e.g. “all of this circle except for these three people”) yet.

  12. rebelipar

    I’m currently at a state of “Hey, I think I like this. I think I like it a lot.” But, until I can invite my friends, it’s got very limited functionality– I’m just trying to figure out what it does, alone. I think switching from facebook will end up being good for people who already use a lot of Google stuff, especially since I’ve been seeing plus-related changes happening around different Google things.

    I’m afraid I’ll give up on it before my friends get on. Hopefully I don’t.


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