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By Razib Khan | July 5, 2011 1:47 pm

If you read blogs you know that Scientific American has a Blog Network up.

Some quick links to friends of mine who have relocated:

Crude Matter (a.k.a Michelle)

EvoEcoLab (Kevin Zelnio)

Thoughtful Animal (Jason Goldman)

Psychotronic Girl (Melody Dye)

The Primate Diaries (Eric Michael Johnson)

In a “mature industry” there’s a lot of competition between firms, and zero sum dynamics kick in. I obviously don’t feel that we’re at this stage for the various collections of science related weblogs which have been sprouting up over the past few years. Everyone has a slightly different niche, and there’s still room for growth.

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  • Michelle

    I like that individual bloggers aren’t actively competing with one another (at least not in a business-y sense), even when the brands that host them are in direct competition with one another.

  • I_Affe

    What’s there to compete for? Do blogging and ads pay much? I mean, besides prestige, attracting smart readership, thought-worthy comments, and possible collaborations? I guess, I kinda answered my own question.


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