Who is chilled out about warming?

By Razib Khan | July 29, 2011 9:52 am

Chris Mooney pointed me to a report on a study which finds that white males are the most sanguine in relation to climate change. Unfortunately there wasn’t a link to the full report that I could see. But no worries, the GSS added a variable, TEMPGEN1, which asks: “In general, do you think that a rise in the world’s temperature caused by climate change is….”

1 – Extremely dangerous for the environment
2 – Very dangerous
3 – Somewhat dangerous
4 – Not very dangerous, or
5 – Not dangerous at all for the environment?

Below is a bar plot which illustrates the result by demographic:

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  • http://www.brownpundits.com Zachary Latif

    Climate change and the weather may not be the same thing but for climate change advocates I’d invite them to spend their summer here in London where its cold, drizzly and rainy.

    Btw this is a fairly interesting link on your side-bar; http://discovermagazine.com/2011/jun/25-the-transplanted-forest-a-bold-experiment-in-preemptive-adaptation

  • Ben

    That seems like a bad question to ask. Climate change being “dangerous to the environment” is a nebulous concept. I mean, answering “not very dangerous to the environment” might mean you think it will destroy human civilisation, but the environment will recover afterwards. Or it might mean that you think there’s a 5% chance it could convert Earth into a Venus-like hell-hole, and you think a low probability of high damage is best expressed as “not very dangerous”.

    They should have asked “Do you think climate change poses a threat to your well-being?” or “.. to human lives?” That would be a better test of people’s real estimates of how serious the problem is – I suspect this question is really measuring their commitment to abstractions like “the environment”.

  • bob sykes

    It was warmer during the Medieval Climatic Optimum and warmer still during the Roman expansion. The Dark Ages of the 5th and later Centuries occurred during a cooling period. It was much warmer than either before the Younger Dryas and for a while afterwards, when humans rapidly spread throughout Eurasia.

    Warming poses no threat whatever to the environment. We would be much better off if the world would get a little warmer than it is now. And and ice-free Arctic Ocean during the summer would be a major economic benefit to the whole world.

  • twl

    The question is nonsense which depends on layers of propaganda, namely the assumption “climate change” is new and man-caused. Read literally though, it is asking whether you think a warmer climate has an effect on the environment. Which it does. A climate warming makes the climate warmer. The smarter respondents understand someone is asking whether you believe the warming is caused by “climate change” which has been propagandised to mean “man-caused change”, rather than mostly the sun or oceanic cycles. Whether that is dangerous, which would imply the warming was out-of-control. So they answer “no” to a question which if read in its literal sense the answer should be yes.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    not interested in a discussion on the semantics of climate change. bye. (if anyone tries to evade the thread closing by posting OT on other threads i will ban you without even noting it)


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