Zack Ajmal's public domain genotype

By Razib Khan | July 26, 2011 10:34 am

See his announcement: Genome in the Wild. If you don’t know, Zack is the driving force behind the Harappa Ancestry Project. Seeing how the Indian scientific-bureaucratic complex still seems to be retarding rapid progress in human genomics (how many people have heard of the Indian Genome Variation Consortium? Their blog, which is hosted on blogspot, was last updated 1 year ago!), I think it can be argued that Zack has done more for the understanding of the population relationships of the Indian populations in the last 6 months than the Indian government has in 60 years! I’m hoping I’ll be proven wrong with a list of awesome and result rich publications in the comments.

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  • Razib Khan

    #1, the southeast asian paper i rereviewed used HUGO. and yep, not too many SNPs :-( the indian project has a browser too…..

  • Justin Loe

    Yep, I caught that after I posted.

  • Nick Patterson

    The paper David Reich and I wrote in collaboration with our Indian colleagues at
    CCMB, Hyderabad
    “Reconstructing Indian Population History” was extensively reviewed by you (!) , and
    made at least some contribution to “understanding population relationships of the
    Indian populations”. CCMB is of course an Indian government institute.

    Credit where credit is due.

    Nick Patterson (Broad Institute)

  • Razib Khan

    fair enough nick. didn’t know the researchers were associated with a gov. institute 😉

  • pod

    The Harappa blog (and this blog) is doing some great work and should not need to be measured against others, but for example the above noted paper by Reich et al. (2009), the references therein, and the two recent publications in AJHG (also reviewed here) should make it clear that researchers associated with Indian government institutes have contributed plenty to the understanding of population relationships in India. Blogosphere presence is not necessarily what is most important.


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