23andMe $50 off coupon code

By Razib Khan | August 2, 2011 9:15 am

From 23andMe: “To show our appreciation and to encourage others to join in this research revolution we are giving you a $50 coupon that you can share with as many people as you like. This coupon expires in 7 days (August 9, 2011) so make sure you get the word out fast.” At current prices that works to 24% off for the yearly price ($9/month X 12 months + $99).

(this is for “new customers only”)

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  1. Peri Ozdemir

    Could you please send me more information about genetic testing? Thanks.

  2. #1, 23andme.com has most of what you need to know, and you can dig through the tags on Razib’s blog (he has one for 23andMe, and he even used it on this post) for more information.

  3. iron0037

    Yes, but if I wait until DNA day rolls around next April, won’t I be able to get it for $99 off? 🙂 I suppose you could argue that that deal won’t necessarily return, but over the long haul, don’t you expect that the cost of such tests will decrease?

  4. rjhnyc

    How much is the total cost of the test?
    What is required?
    How long will it atke to receive results?

  5. $99 + $9 X 12 months = $207.

    spit in a test tube which u send back.

    it takes 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

  6. 23andMe and other companies give very interesting results about genetic heritage. Their claims to be able to tell you anything meaningful about your genetic risk for common disorders are totally overblown, however (with a couple exceptions of very specific mutations). That is because they look only at common variants, which play a very minor role in determining human phenotypes. See this post for more on why: http://wiringthebrain.blogspot.com/2011/08/welcome-to-your-genome.html

    Also, a great commentary by David Goldstein in Nature: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v476/n7358/full/476027a.html

    Individual disease risk predictions based on SNP profiles are not worth the spit.


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