Friday Fluff – August 12th, 2011

By Razib Khan | August 12, 2011 1:34 am


1) Post from the past: Dwarfism and cell division.

2) Weird search query of the week: “is it legal to marry your third cousin.”

3) Comment of the week, in response to Pleasure through signalling:

Once at a farmer’s market I bought a couple little things that looked like habaneros. The guy who sold them to me looked at me like I was insane which I should have taken as a clue.

I chopped them up and through them in a salsa and the effect was –it wasn’t like a normal spiciness in any way. It was more like nerve gas. I was overcome with a sort of intense nausea and vertigo and violent ‘steaming’ sensation through my whole body. It was like I could feel areas of the surface of my skin violently spewing out some kind of gas like out of a steam vent.

Also it was really spicy and fried every part of my GI tract during it’s ten minute journey. (like Charlie Sheen on a bender in my bowels).

Anyone else ever run into this weird pepper?

4) And finally, your weekly fluff fix:

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  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    lol. Razib, I’m pretty sure that comment was not in response to the gay Iranian post…

  • ackbark

    I forgot to mention the taste!

    Did you ever read Interview With a Vampire? It was like the scene where Lestat is caught outside in the daylight and submerges himself in a swamp among the roots of a tree and lays there all day slowly burning in the spots of sunlight that get through.

    It tasted like that.

  • Mary

    Fluff had her quarry cornered at last. He was a slippery one, alright. She’d been on his trail for sometime now, missing him by only minutes as he dismantled his mobile meth lab and moved on. But look at him now! Sweet! He looks like a deer caught in the head……….. You know. Ok, where’s Darth Vader? Where’s my backup? Where is that useless damn cat when you finally need him…………Aaargh.


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