Friday Fluff – August 5th, 2011

By Razib Khan | August 5, 2011 2:08 pm


1) Post from the past: Genetics is One: Mendelism and quantitative traits

2) Weird search query of the week: “brad pitt look alike.”

3) Please note that I don’t endorse the views of the “comment of the week”! Comment of the week, in response to “1 in 3 Iranian men ‘gay’?”:

I think you are a bunch of idiots trying to judge everything with your nonsensical mindset.

I am a man and have fucked boys in Iran when I was at high school. They were supposedly gay and we used to call them sissy boys. So, will that make me gay? No! I did that because girls were not accessible. Also at a younger age `fucking somebody’ meant `proving your superiority’. Even now, I would happily fuck you mf* to show who has the upper hand!

But this sort of affairs would mostly happen between bullies and sissies. The rest 90% of children were immune of such activities. Those of us who did such things a couple of times also gave up doing so as we became more mature. I think you are out of your mind if you think 30% of men are gay or those unmarried are involved with other men!! You come up with such ideas only because your fucked-up society is so obsessed with gays, gayness, gay rights, etc.

As Ahmadinejad said, “we don’t have gays in Iran”! But we are happy to export our sissy boys to your fucked-up societies, as I am sure you will enjoy their company, since you new-generation nerdish westerners have turned gays yourselves.

4) And finally, your weekly fluff fix:

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  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    That comment really is a thing of beauty.

  • Razib Khan

    if u have crude tastes :-)

  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    I meant, you know, it is beautiful in how perfectly cruddy it is.

  • dave chamberlin

    It’s like a beautiful turd

  • EcoPhysioMichelle

    #4, don’t get me started!!

  • Alan Kellogg

    I didn’t know that Iranian male society could be so closely equated to prison society.

  • Alan Kellogg

    In contrast you have cats, who will behave as cats behave without concern for your opinions, applause, or condemnation.

  • dave chamberlin

    Moral of the story. We have a hell of a lot to be grateful for, namely when and where we are alive.

  • S.J. Esposito

    Reading the comment of the week was an eye opening experience for me. You learn something every day — unfortunately, sometimes it’s about the ignorance of others.

    This type of commentary drives home the fact that many ancient stereotypes and bias exists in theocratic countries. Disgusting.

  • edixoo

    So… Not gay, just a rapist.

  • Razib Khan

    ” ancient stereotypes”

    what does this mean?

  • Clark

    Probably that homosexual rape was often used in ancient warfare as a method dominance. I’ve no idea how prominent it actually was nor how widespread. Interestingly it’s also found in certain animal communities. If I recall ferrets do that as a method of dominance, for instance. I vaguely remember some studies of 19th century English boarding schools that found a similar sociology. It is kind of funny that gay is treated so bad while what is at best bisexuality is acceptable. And, as others noted, it’s very disturbing that rape is acceptable while homosexuality is condemned.

    I do wonder how common these views of many fundamentalist Islamic countries are amongst the ancient world. I’ve no idea or data here. I’d lay good odds that this was a fairly common view until the rise of modernism. So perhaps the commentator was talking less about military tactics of dominance over a civilian populace than just a common pre-modern view of the world.

    Makes me glad I live in 21st century America.


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