Poll on personal genomics

By Razib Khan | September 14, 2011 10:08 pm

Genomes Unzipped points me to a Nature survey on personal genomics for scientific researchers. With price points down to $200 or so many scientists have been at least genotyped. Though it varies by domain. Many molecular biologists seem intrigued by the novelty of personal genotyping services. In contrast, in a room of a dozen or so population geneticists and the like nearly half are liable to have already gone through some service.

All that being said, I haven’t heard from people who want to make their genotype public in a long, long, time. Has the steam run out of that project? You might hear from me again with a subtle twist on this in the near future.

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  1. BC Bev

    I wouldn’t mind if my genetype were made public, so long as it was available to all and not just one commercial venture. But then, I’m Canadian, so I doubt there would be any repercussions for me as far as insurance or privacy is concerned.

  2. Åse

    I tried to, via google+, individual sharing. Given how long it took for me to figure out how paypal works …

    But, anyway, yes, I’d like to share mine. Could you please point me to where I can do this (and instruction manual). I do try to not procrastinate from my regular job too much…


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