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By Razib Khan | October 8, 2011 10:28 pm

I use Google Trends a lot, but I don’t necessarily know if it’s telling me anything useful. So I decided to see if it might correlate well with browser share data. I know that W3Schools has been tracking their own stats for years, so I took their data from September of 2008 to September of 2011, and plotted the browser share. Below it are some trends from Google. Notice the pattern for Firefox and Chrome in particular.

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  • AndrewV

    One data point. I use three browsers concurrently, Firefox, Chrome and Opera (IE almost never and Safari occasionally). I also have no idea how common that is.

  • Justin Giancola

    Opera is the b-b-b-best.

  • S.J. Esposito

    The decline of use for IE represented here is pretty indicative of what happened to IE when Chrome was released and Firefox made better. I suspect that years from now, when we look back and have more data to plot, 2008 will be the year we see that IE lost a lot of its users.

  • juan

    I use firefox and chrome concurrently, because it’s still not uncommon that one crashes or freezes — especially when using Flash.

  • Clark

    Surprised you have so few Mac or iOS visitors.


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