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By Razib Khan | October 20, 2011 1:05 am

I haven’t raised that much money this year on DonorsChoose. No idea why that is. Perhaps I didn’t pick projects appealing to my readers? Also, I’ve frankly been too busy to bring notice to it very often. It’s great that Phil is doing the heavy lifting for Discover, but I’d like to help a little more. Especially since I got this notification:

The Board of Directors wants to thank you for your hard work, and to encourage readers to give, by matching all donations to Science Bloggers for Students between the first moment of Thursday October 20th and the last moment of Saturday, October 22nd (midnight to midnight Eastern time).

If you were involved in last year’s campaign, the mat ch will work the same way the HP match did:

-At the end of the three day period, all dollars donated will be totaled, and the Board of Directors will match those dollars.

-The number of dollars will be divided by the number of people who donated, and gift codes will be issued to every donor (via e-mail) for an equal share of the matching dollars. So, if 100 people donate $10,000, each donor will receive a $100 gift code.

-Individuals will, in turn, have the chance to apply the funds to whatever classroom project they choose.

In other financial news, John Wilkins of Evolving Thoughts is going through a rough patch. He’s asking for donations via PayPal. John has produced a lot of great content over the years. Tipping him some would be more of a payment for services rendered than a charitable contribution.


Comments (2)

  1. Siod Beorn

    From any variety of personal motivations, I can’t see why donating to DonorsChoose would be a good idea. GiveWell takes an evidence-based approach to charity and they recommend several charities that will likely use my money more effectively in fulfilling those motivations. KIPP seems to be a better choice for improving US education, for example.

  2. Åse

    All the links to John gets a Discover, and not found 404 error.


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