Saturday Stuff – October 1st, 2011

By Razib Khan | October 1, 2011 3:55 pm


1) Weird search query of the week: “choropleth of jehovah witness population.”

2 Your weekly fluff fix:

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  • Nameless_

    I’m pretty sure that 90% (or more) of all choropleths in the Web can’t be found by specifying “choropleth” in the search query.

    In case of Jehovah’s Witnesses, getting something useful is doubly hard because Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t exceed 2% of adults in any U.S. state. Consequently, here’s your choropleth:

    To get more meaningful data, you have to go to raw data sources. ARIS 2001 found 301 Jehovah’s witnesses through a phone survey of 50,000 people, but there were no particularly interesting or pronounced geographical patterns and a lot of noise (e.g. in Kentucky they got 7 out of 865 responses – 0.8% before household-level weighting, but across the border in Tennessee they got only 2 out of 1110.)

  • Nameless_

    One thing these surveys are good for even at levels this low, is painting profiles.

    In the United States as of 2001:

    – 2/3 of Jehovah’s Witnesses are female. 2/3 of Buddhists are male.
    – 2/3 of Jehovah’s Witnesses, vs. 1/3 of Buddhists, are married or widowed.
    – Jehovah’s Witnesses are 70% white / 30% black. Buddhists are 55% white / 5% black / 40% Asian.
    – Most Buddhists are registered voters, but only 15% of them self-identify as Republican. Only 15% of Jehovah’s Witnesses are registered to vote.

  • Cleanthes

    I just did a google map search for “Kingdom Hall” for my state and then a neighboring state. It would only take me an hour or so to find and tabulate this data for the entire USA. (Sorry, I’m not volunteering) I imagine the number of JW Kingdom Halls tracks fairly closely to the number of Witnesses.


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