Sunday Stuff – October 23rd, 2011

By Razib Khan | October 23, 2011 3:58 pm


1) Weird search query of the week: “145 iq can’t hold job”

2) Fluff below the fold….

  • abb3w

    …yep. This blog entry is mostly just a fluff piece.

  • Sandgroper


    It’s getting to be a bit of a joke – they either need to start trying her over longer distances, or take her overseas to find some competition. Still fun to watch, though.

  • Steffen

    Unfortunately, the search query of the week is not very weird at all.

    Many people with an IQ > 130 have a lot of problems in the workplace. They don’t fit at all into the “corporate culture”, which too often prefers conformity over originality. Somebody with an overactive brain filled with too many thoughts is seen as a source of irritation. More often than we might think, a mega-intelligent person doesn’t climb the career ladder and is among the first to be fired.

  • Linda Seebach

    I have often seen comments like Steffen’s, but without citations to any statistical data. I wonder whether, to the contrary, people tend to overestimate how common this is, just because examples are rare enough to be both surprising and memorable. Most smart people are smart enough to avoid giving offense. (Many Mensa members, judging from letters in the Mensa Bulletin, choose not to include their membership in their resume for that reason. Note that Mensa members are not a random sample of those eligible to join.)

    Perhaps the people we think of as having been fired for being “too smart” are not only smart, but autistic as well. I know some of those, including my son, who took a while before finding a job (in computers) where Asperger’s is viewed as an asset rather than a disability.

  • Charles Nydorf

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the citation but the U S Labor Dept did publish a survey in the 2000’s that showed that people with very high IQ’s do not fare well in the job market. (Perhaps someone with high IQ and, consequently, plenty of spare time can locate this study.)

  • Razib Khan

    #5, i’m skeptical that the labor dept. has IQ scores handy.

  • Charles Nydorf

    A brief article about it appeared on page 21 under the title “IQ Mismatch” in the “Random Samples” section of “Science” 5 January 2007 (v 315 no. 5808). Its got a neat chart!

  • Charles Nydorf

    I just read the article again after 6 years. The investigator got the list of jobs from the Dept of Labor but the survey was his own.


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