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By Razib Khan | October 9, 2011 10:49 pm

In the comments below Clark misunderstood the browser data I was reporting. It wasn’t from this website, but another. Here’s the Google Analytics on the browser/OS combination for this website:

  • AndrewV

    Interesting. However, I would have expected more Linux users (I am one) in this crowd.

  • PNR

    Probably does not account for those who read via RSS feeds.
    — Chrome/Linux

  • Mustapha Mond

    There are a lot of you betas on this site so just remember to be responsible and don’t install or activate AdBlock.

  • Willi

    And I use primarily Opera with about 25% Firefox. 25% Chrome. all on Windows.

  • Razib Khan

    this includes “one off” readers who come via search engines.

  • Clark

    Whoops. Sorry about that. Perils of reading quickly.

    Andrew, doesn’t that grey 8.5% include mostly Linux users?

  • ttf

    I participated in a collaborative science blog that got ~1000 visits per day, and the OS break down for that blog was 7% Linux, 30% OS X, <5% for the phone OSes and the rest Windows. That's considerably more than the 1-2% overall market share of Linux and 7-9% market share of OS X. The science crowd is definitely more likely to use alternative operating systems.

    I myself am still holding on to Firefox on Linux.


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