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By Razib Khan | November 28, 2011 1:33 am

When perusing Asian groceries I occasionally run into cans of jackfruit. Or should I say “jackfruit,” because often what’s inside of the cans resembles jackfruit flavored wax. Real fresh jackfruit is soft and mushy. Unfortunately the preservation process turns canned jackfruit into a turgid and far less flavorful product. That being said, I recently purchased three different brands, and I found that Chaokoh brand wasn’t totally awful. I don’t know if I’d purchase it again, but I am considering it. It’s not real jackfruit by any means, but the flavor is stronger and the waxiness of the fruit flesh less pronounced.

Do readers have any experiences with canned jackfruit?

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  • theslittyeye

    I never had the canned jackfruit. But I had a lot of them when I was stationed in Northwestern Laos. Giant fruits, mushy but very tasty. Can’t you get fresh fruits on the market?

  • chris w

    I’ve never tried jackfruit, but I’ve tried a durian. It tasted like a onion/garlic/banana/vanilla custard. Pretty weird. I got it frozen from the Asian market on 82nd. I thawed it from the frozen state. It didn’t actually smell very strongly, so maybe it wasn’t fully ripe.

  • miko

    Not worth it. Jackfruit, durian, soursop… fresh or GTFO. Check your Chinatown…

  • P Baker

    No experience with tinned jackfruit, but maybe the waxy stuff you have tried is fake. I remember many years ago being told about a farmer, in the UK, who was offered a very good price for his turnip crop. It turned out that the buyer was going to turn them, with suitable flavourings, into canned pineapple!

  • Geoffrey

    I’ve made this recipe using canned jackfruit as a substitute for pulled pork to make vegan bbq. It’s pretty tasty. You have to get the young jackfruit in brine though, jackfruit in simple syrup will not work.

  • Brian Too

    I didn’t know that Jackfruit doesn’t like being canned, interesting. In my part of the world, anyone with a taste for local fruits knows that fresh saskatoons are terrific, but frozen are not so much. The seeds, which are soft and edible, turn noticably tougher.

    Cooking does seem to put things right however.

  • Salim

    No experience with canned ones, but here (philadelphia) H-Mart occassionaly brings in fresh (well, kinda) jackfruit. If you look in Indian Stores (especially Malayalee/Karala ones) you can find frozen Jackfruit. I have tried a couple of brands of them and they are tolerable.

    About the mushiness, there are two major varieties of Jackfruits in Kerala, one is the mushy one and the other one is hard even when it is fully ripe. We call them Koozha and Varikka respectively. The mushy variety is usually used to make a jam/preserve kind of thing (mized with Jaggery) and the other one is the preferred one for eating fresh. They are both very tastey and very sweet.

  • TGGP

    This presents another opportunity to introduce westerners to the Bangladeshi expression “Oiling your mustache in anticipation of the jackfruit tree bearing fruit”.

  • Joe

    I’m in vietnam now and they have jackfruit chips. Maybe try to find those.

  • IW

    I don’t know jack….


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