Top 20 posts in 2011 by comments for GNXP

By Razib Khan | December 31, 2011 10:39 am

In this list I’ve limited it to posts which were published in 2011. For much of the blog’s history I didn’t autoclose comments after 2 weeks, so the comparisons aren’t appropriate. And comments tend to be less timeless in any case. Comments are a double-edged sword on a weblog, because they often invite the stupid to come out and play in people. But there are a non-trivial subset from whom I’ve learned a fair amount from. That learning doesn’t always have to be a case where you even change your mind. Discussion in good faith can usually sharpen comprehension of your own perspective.

Your genes, your rights – FDA’s Jeffrey Shuren misleading testimony under oath
Which undersampled groups would you like to see?
Relative angels and absolute demons
On structure, variation, and race
Culture differences matter (even within Islam)
A college degree as contraceptive
Richard Feynman’s intelligence
Real three dimensional PCA!
Think right, not deep
The perils of human genomics
Is “Game of Thrones” racist? Not even wrong….
Atheism as mental deviance
America has had ‘non-Christian’ presidents!
The end of Arab Christianity
The poverty of multiculturalist discourse
The Assyrians and Jews: 3,000 years of common history
Rick Perry is not too smart
A game of numbers, a matter of values
The Republican fluency with science
The last 100,000 years in human history
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