The aggregate flatness of Facebook

By Razib Khan | January 1, 2012 4:04 pm

Most readers know that I’ve been tracking Google Trends data on Facebook for years. Now on January 1 2012 It seems pretty obviously that in the international aggregate this was the year that Facebook finally hit saturation in terms of “mindshare.”

But there are interesting international differences.

United States:

United Kingdom:







Here’s Facebook vs. Orkut in Brazil:

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  • Aidan Kehoe

    You need to add vkontakte to the Russia graphic, it’s at least as popular as Facebook there, and I’d be interested in the evolution of its popularity over time.

  • Tim Martin

    As expected from when I lived in Japan, Yahoo is kicking Google’s ass there.

  • Dallas

    My girlfriend is Brazilian. We met in February and back then she told me how all of her friends used orkut instead of facebook. About a month ago she told me it was now the opposite. Matches up.

  • M. Möhling

    In Germany facebook’s main local competitor,, seems to go bust this year, loosing it’s customers to fb. Here’s an article on studivz’s problems from May 2010. studivz is (was?) for university students only, friends and relatives not allowed, and they didn’t offer apps until recently. Soon all our bases are belong to Mr Zuckerberg, sigh. Fb get’s heckled a lot on security issues by the government, though, should be part Anti-Americanism, part regular Euro-paranoia, as we don’t trust our citizens to keep their private parts private, if I may say so. However, checking google trends, studivz’s loss can only account for some of fb’s gains.

  • James Rogers

    The graph for Brazil reflects my anecdotal experience. My mother is Brazilian, and I’ve noticed that many of my Brazilian relatives and friends have joined Facebook over the last 18 months or so.


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