Update on the Afrikaner genotype

By Razib Khan | February 15, 2012 8:50 pm

Since my original post on the Afrikaner genotype, I’ve gotten many responses. No genotypes yet though. At some point I need to organize how to pay for typing many individuals. Currently my intent is to pay for those who will allow their identities to be public so that people can confirm their genealogies. Other people have emailed me to say that Afrikaners with whom they have shared genotypes on 23andMe often have African or Asian ancestral segments. But all hearsay so far.

In other news, I’ve got a Dinka gentoype I’ll be analyzing soon (some minor technical issues with merging datasets has delayed this some).

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Comments (5)

  1. Hi Razib,

    We would love to participate. 23andMe told me that South Africans can’t be tested as yet? I am more than willing to have results published. My wife and I are quite willing to be participate.

    Hoping to hear from you soon

    Braam & Carla Coetzee

  2. Wouter

    Hi, another “Afrikaner” here. Would also allow myself to be made public and to have my results published.

    Wouter Jonker

  3. Wouter

    And there is also the National Geographic International Kit, which is $99. Which is a lot better than the $200+ at 23andme. Could something be arranged with NG instead?

  4. Judith

    II’m still game as well.

  5. Karl

    When I glanced over some PGP samples, I found this White South African:


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