Dream of the 1890s

By Razib Khan | March 5, 2012 2:49 pm

Reminds me of Greg Cochran’s idea of a Minoan themed restaurant. Eat as King Minos, served by hostesses in authentic dress.

  • gcochran

    If you’re a regular and a good tipper, the menu is in Linear B.

  • Neil

    The Minoan restaurant NEEDS to happen. The ruins at Knossos are so well-preserved that it shouldn’t be difficult to make the place authentic!

  • pconroy

    Hasn’t this been done already – Hooters anyone?!

  • gcochran

    Hooters has no bull-leaping.

  • dave chamberlin

    I wonder what the turnover rate would be for bull leapers. Not how many times they flipped in the air but how many of them lived to do it again. Were there pros at this or was this just a lesson of what would happen to you if you were a bad slave.

  • dave chamberlin

    If we can throw an exploding volcano and tidal wave in at the end of the floor show, I think this Minoan themed restaurant idea is a can’t miss.

  • pconroy

    #4, #5,

    Yeah, if we could clone a few Neanderthals, then we would have out bull leapers…

  • Icepick

    Forget Hooters, haven’t you ever eaten at one of the all-you-can-eat lunch buffets at an honest-to-Larry-Flynt t*tty bar? I knew guys that used to do that all the time back in their college days. Always ticked off the dancers because they were never willing to pay for entertainment, but they managed to get a lot of food cheap at times. (My understanding was that you had to rotate through the bars, or they’d just stop letting you in.)

    I only tried it once myself – I wasn’t THAT poor at the time and the entertainment was too distracting. What ‘distracting’ means is entirely contextual. If you’re in the high end joints (Thee Doll Houses of the world or other places likely to be mentioned by name in a Motley Crue song, for example), then the entertainment is distracting in a pleasing fashion. As you move down the scale, however, the distractions start to become disturbing – as in “Do I really want to eat the food in this place? Or even touch any of the surfaces? Perhaps I should bleach the soles of my shoes upon exiting.” Such thoughts are not conducive to proper digestion.

  • AG

    Any record of Kuru back then? Some one needs to check prion at ancient burial sites.

  • http://www.astraean.com/borderwars/ Christopher@BorderWars

    The Landauer Coffee house featured in Portlandia was originally built by a pioneering relative several generations ago.



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