How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

By Razib Khan | March 29, 2012 11:04 pm

I haven’t watched most of the films (or video games, or T.V. shows) being parodied by How It Should Have Ended. But I have read A Game of Thrones. So I’m confused as to why this struck me as rather unfunny, in comparison to most of the others where I have to educate myself on what’s being parodied….

  • TGGP

    The youtube video with ten minutes of Joffrey getting smacked is funnier. I don’t find HISHE that funny generally, so I can’t say what would make this distinctive.

    I’m guessing Razib knows, but in case others don’t, the 90s arcade game Mortal Kombat is being parodied in addition to the show G.O.T, and no it doesn’t make it much funnier if you know that. The standards for parody have dropped a lot to include mere reference, so that the audience can say “Yes, I remember that, I am of like demographic cohort”. Proper parody should accentuate something in the original material so as to make it appear more ridiculous.

  • RafeK

    Yeah not funny

  • Lab Lemming

    If they only saw the TV, and didn’t read the book, they may not have understood the point of the scene, especially if her internal monologue wasn’t translated onto screen well (TV show not available down here).

  • Konkvistador

    Yeah that was rather lame.


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