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By Razib Khan | April 8, 2012 5:52 pm

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  • zach

    fluff just got cuter!

  • Justin Giancola

    the cool club.

  • Kiwiguy

    Cute, our cat doesn’t trust our little one. Good to see yours are more welcoming.

  • Mary

    The cats are just making a statement: We were here first. Little do they realize. Sweet.

  • e.d.

    An old family cat once cuddled up to a crying baby to comfort it. Worked great!

  • Doug1

    Cute picture all around.

    And I guess we know what race your wife is. Well your saying here at some point that you thought Nicole Kidman is the bomb may have been a clue as to how it’d turn out as well.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    #3, yes, we’ve been pleasantly surprised!

    #6, two points.

    first, you can’t tell from the picture. many dark skinned people are very fair as infants of this age. my siblings (and me) were around my daughter’s complexion at her age. so your inference is based on a false model (the picture is not large enough to make her brown hair and blue eyes obvious).

    second, frankly weird comments like yours above are why i kept my personal life off the internet. your comment is understandable, and is probably within the range of normal among the readership here, but i’d rather no have my offline life reduced so much (many of the assumptions you people have made in the past about me were, as i pretty clearly stated, based on false presuppositions). of course you have a long history of kind of weird comments, so perhaps it is something to do with your age or personality (that is if i have correctly ascertained who you are based on your email, IP, and references you’ve made to your educational background; something you yourself might find creepy to comprehend!).

  • Chris2

    Then they turn into teenagers, and all sorts of things happen. This makes me nostalgic for when my daughter was tiny.

    Except she is now a month shy of eighteen and had a sleepover this weekend. On Saturday morning I had a houseful of gray aliens. They were getting ready to go as characters for MSpaintadventures Homestuck for Sakura-Con.

    That is just a hint of what to expect in the future. It has been a fun trip for the almost eighteen years. It is really great when not only do they talk, but we have really great conversations. The only really bad part was when she started to crawl at a much younger age than her older brothers, which required a sooner than expected baby proofing of the stairs. Her puberty was less dramatic than son #2. It all gets relative.

  • Justin Giancola

    6. You are totally wrong meng, Razib’s wife is Khoisan!

  • Violet

    My grandmother says that a fool-proof way of knowing the adult complexion from a new-born is to look at their ears. It seems that skin on the ears doesn’t undergo as big a change as rest of the face/body.

  • Doug1


    I truly meant no offense at all. Sorry.

  • http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/gnxp Razib Khan

    #12, i appreciate your follow up comment.


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