It all started with (and Usenet)

By Razib Khan | May 7, 2012 9:32 pm

Chatting with Dan MacArthur on twitter about the old days of Usenet, and arguing with Creationists in the days of yore (MacArthur actually flipped a Creationist!). Here’s a toast to the innocence of that bygone age around the turn-of-the-century….

(separate “shout out” to those who remember me from soc.history.what-if)

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  1. Nihaya Khateb

    It’s actually not returning to innocence, but missing only the good memmories from the past. Because innocence never was in the past, but iggnorance. Our brain is built to store a lot of informations from the past. And when we late in our life going into a new eara, only the all good old memmeries emmerge and make us miss that eara inspite of a lot of bad insidences that actually thrown away from our memmory at that moment. Every period has it’s positives and negativs ,it depends how we consider these facts. Our brain is normally attracts to rare scenes and seldom occasions and it never rests. If we live in a period of purely natured we get bored and miss tichnology and vis versa.

  2. Dm

    Hmm what innocence? We might have had rosy spectacles back then in talk.* / soc.* but the net.ghettos of the Usenet had as much danger lurking in the alleyways as today’s Net.

  3. Paul

    Usenet was fun, but the lack of moderation doomed it. Gresham’s Law of spam, trolling and cranks.

  4. still exists and it’s still moderated by David Greig. The server (“Darwin”) sits right outside my office door … I’m looking at it right now.

  5. #4, what you’re trying to say that exists at your sufferance! you could take it out right now….

  6. Yes, I can pull the plug any time. What’s it worth to you?

  7. What wonderful rooms! I remember spending so much time in those too.

    I don’t remember you from there, but I must have read your stuff back then too….


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