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By Razib Khan | May 9, 2012 12:23 am

I’m not big into music, being of the aesthetically retarded set, but as I age memory becomes more important, and that is strongly colored by music. The 80s anthems of the Beastie Boys were part of the cultural firmament for me, but at that stage I was more of a Transformers kind of guy. In contrast, So What’cha Want takes me back to the summer of ’92 in a very visceral way. I had come to an age where the Beastie Boys were no longer social white noise, but the rhythm of a life which seemed to roll out before me with possibilities (OK, let’s keep it real, at the time the possibilities were quite proximate and driven by hormonal rushes of puberty).

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  • Eurologist

    Perhaps you could try widen your horizon (i.e., trying to understand what historical and cultural aspects drove people to be attracted to certain music, and what drove musicians to change their music in certain directions to attract audiences…).

    At any rate, anecdotally, more so after a PBS presentation reminded me, most recently I strongly remember Carol King and her roots as part of the thread of my life:

  • Sandgroper
  • Sandgroper

    I’ll take this one over Klein as well.

    And before anyone says anything, yes, I know the first two are Turkish.

  • pconroy

    I know some of the Beastie Boys stuff, but never heard that song before.

    As you know I grew up in rural Ireland in the early 60’s, when most music people listened to was Irish folk music, performed live.

    When I was 9 yo, an aunt from Dublin gave us kids a record player, and I went out and bought a record, with a catchy cover on it, as I thought it might be good, but had no idea about any of the songs or the artists. Of course wouldn’t you know, it turned out to be one of those early DISCO albums, and all us kids were hooked on it. My parents hated it immediately, and we were banished to a remote room to play it. I still remember songs like:

    Donna Summer’s – Love to Love You Baby:

    Chic – I Want Your Love:

    My aunt, who was a missionary in Muslim dominated Northern Nigeria for decades came to visit, and was interesting in the music we were listening too, but she nearly hit the roof when she heard Disco. She told my parents that they were irresponsible, and should get rid of the record player and Album immediately. For some reason my parents paid no attention to her.

  • pconroy

    Comment with links in moderation…


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