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By Razib Khan | May 20, 2012 12:50 pm

Foer Returns to New Republic as Editor:

Two months after buying a majority stake in The New Republic, the technology entrepreneur Chris Hughes has lured one of its former stars, Franklin Foer, back to the magazine as its editor.

The print magazine and Web site will be redesigned and the page count of the print edition will be expanded, Mr. Hughes said. He added that when he was researching whether to buy the New Republic, he had to read through old editions on microfilm in the archives at the New York Public Library.

Mr. Hughes’s goal is to guide The New Republic out of the category he called “little magazines” in Washington like The National Review and into a category that includes magazines he sees as more natural competitors, like The New Yorker, the Economist and New York Magazine.

I don’t add much value in a lot of areas, so I don’t say much. But this piece seems to make a major omission: the analogous model to what Chris Hughes is aiming to do with The New Republic is what David Bradley did with The Atlantic, down to the robust web strategy. The New Yorker, the Economist, and New York are all really different beasts, aside from being relatively prominent.

  • lester

    I’m very skeptical. I don’t think their particular brand of liberalism is all that popular now. I’m sure Foer is able as an entrepenour but the magazine has since it’s inception been, for example, nominally pro war. The guy who runs it is always saying awful stuff about muslims. I guess it’s not all that far from the Atlantic though.

  • Razib Khan

    #1, what is their brand of liberalism again? also, it hasn’t been nominally pro war since its inception. it started in 1914! and marty peretz is editor-at-large/money man (was). i suspect that weird aspect will diminish now that hughes is calling the shos.

  • Lab Lemming

    Too bad there is no “The Pacific” focusing on the forward half of the globe…

  • http://www.isteve.blogspot Steve Sailer

    It’s been a de facto Jewish / increasingly gay magazine during Peretz’s long tenure. Presumably, it will become even more gay under Hughes, but it will be interesting to see if it becomes less Jewish under its new WASP owner. Probably not. Foer’s book “How Soccer Explains the World” is comically obsessed with finding every conceivable Jewish angle to soccer, which is an awfully gentile field.

  • oliver

    Of course, to some on the internet- everything is about the Jews. If conflated with the gay population, more the better.

  • Luke Lea

    If the purpose the magazine is to influence elite opinion you would think they would make more of it freely available on-line.

  • http://www.isteve.blogspot Steve Sailer

    “Of course, to some on the internet- everything is about the Jews. If conflated with the gay population, more the better.”

    Quit talking smack about Marty Peretz!

  • oliver


    Sure, but only when you finally come out of the Sukkah and tell us your relative finder shows 90% Ashkenazi surnames. :)

    We all know you’ll retain most of your fans, so what if some of the Williams–Beuren stricken australopithecines, with poor impulse control, relegate you to the “mildly virulent” strain. Just to see all your articles and posts re-parsed in a paradigm shift by that lot would be a worthy experiment in it’s own right. Wouldn’t you say?

    Be a mensch, fess up, and join the tribe.


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