The Facebook search plateau

By Razib Khan | June 18, 2012 7:48 pm

I check on this every 6 months or so. Here’s the search trend for Facebook:

Everyone basically knows about Facebook now. Contrast this with Twitter:

All that being said, Twitter has such a smaller footprint compared to Facebook that it seems obvious that it will “peak” far below Facebook in both mindshare and public utilization. I do find it interesting that Facebook peaked literally months about The Social Network.

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  • Charles Nydorf

    One apparent sign of change is paradoxical. It seems as if a raft of friends who have stayed off FB have suddenly all joined.

  • zach

    people don’t query “google” to get to google’s homepage. Similarly, people tend to log into facebook directly, so I’m not sure what google trends about the search volume is actually telling us about usage stats.

  • Simon

    Actually, I do sometimes query “google” (in the google search bar) to get to Google’s homepage. Just a counterexample there.

  • Razib Khan

    #2, do you know any old/tech illiterate people? they do this all time. or, i’m delusional and you have omniscient powers of perceiving reality. nice that you dropped by god 😉


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