The nature of the media beast

By Razib Khan | July 21, 2012 5:26 pm

Interesting discussion on the nature of media today, and the tendency toward driving traffic via the information equivalent of Twinkies. Below are my top 10 posts since moving to Discover Magazine measured by visits. The numbers to the right is the ratio of visits of the post over the past 2 years to the rough number of visits in an average day on this weblog.


1 People of class drink alcohol  41.8
2 Verbal intelligence by demographic 18.6
3 1 in 200 men direct descendants of Genghis Khan 14.8
4 Verbal vs. mathematical aptitude in academics 11.0
5 Atheism as mental deviance 7.8
6 Genetics & the Jews  7.7
7 How Ashkenazi Jewish are you? 6.2
8 Why Tibetans breathe so easy up high 5.7
9 No Romans needed to explain Chinese blondes 5.0
10 Facebook finally plateaus in 2011! 4.6

  • Shashi

    From the limited time I have been following your blog, I get a sense that the articles that get the most comments seem to be those that leave a lot space for imagination and speculation to the reader. A recent example would be the cloning a neanderthal post. Suddenly, everyone has an opinion worth sharing and I think this is because it was in everyone’s domain of comfort without being obviously stupid or ‘wrong’
    Compare that to your more technical or obscure interest posts, and most people read and leave (myself included) because there is not much to say that adds any value.


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