Quantify 'Honey Boo Boo'?

By Razib Khan | August 14, 2012 11:42 pm

As someone without a television I tend to be aware of only “cultural phenomenon” level shows. For example, Jersey Shore, and of course South Park.  The past week something has impinged upon my consciousness, Honey Boo Boo. I am quite willing to cede ground to the humanists in analyzing this new cultural phenomenon. Of course there is the issue that the young Sayyid Qutb-‘s-to-be are watching this….

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Comments (15)

  1. Darkseid

    The mom looks like Sloth from Goonies.

  2. Matt

    Is it smart to be alienating potential future readers of this blog? 😛

  3. Chris

    Razib, when your little one is driving you crazy and you are wondering if you are failing at fatherhood, you can always watch this clip and say with confidence, “I’m doing a damn good job.”

  4. Roger Bigod

    They hate us for our freedoms. (sigh)

  5. kyrilluk

    Looks like that the movie Idiocracy set in year 2506 is very optimistic. Natural selection is acting at a faster pace. Her “Honey Boo Boo” drink looks a lot like the green energy drink in the movie (brawndo). Scary…

  6. vel

    freak show for the 2010’s.

  7. chris w

    she already looks like she’s on her way to looking like her hippopotamus mom.

  8. Darkseid

    she may have been fed roadkill so it’s not her fault. don’t judge them – everyone’s culture is exactly equal.

  9. Jen

    OBNOXIOUS. Really, this is a cancer eating through our culture. Embarrassment that she is American. Ugh. Why does she talk like that?

  10. Charli

    Alana is a real little girl who isn’t stuck up and spoiled. Her Mom is down to earth and Sugar Bear seems to love them all. A breath of fresh air in the pageant world in which mother who are trying to live their lives through their often unwilling and spoiled daughters s say their kids really want to compete while the kids scream that they don’t. A lot of people in this world aren’t as lucky as most of the stuck up people here. They often live deep in poverty and just because they look ignorant doesn’t mean they are. These people survive a life that is hard and challenging and one in which most of us would starve. Eating road kill is not unsanitary. It’s no different then eating animals you shot. You don’t put them on ice right away. Deer are often hung in a shed for days before it’s butchered and made into meals. To Jen…she has a t of Southern accent it’s not an embarrassment that shes American. Americans come in alot shapes and sizes. I’ve been blessed to have lived all over this country and the world. No ones culture is Superior to any other. People from the south think people from New Jersey talk strangely Let’s face it are they worse then the guys you see in Jackass? Try living on the poverty level for a while and see how you fare. A large chunk of American are living on or below the poverty level because of a few rich lying bankers, politicians and financiers. In my view they are a heck of a lot lower then the poor in this country. And I can tell you that a hundred years ago alot of people were just scratching out a living by pure will and bravery. these are the folks that build this country not the fancy fops who claim they built it

  11. hates snobs

    Agree 100% with Charli. Can’t stand the Kardashians or Jersey Shore or the supercilious people on here. I’d rather see them than the phony rich problems of the Housewives shows.
    . Really, Jen? THIS is a cancer on our culture? You ought to get out more; there are far worse cultural problems than this family who obviously love each other.

  12. Toreador

    As an european citizen, my perception of (middle class) american worries for “organic food” and “healthy diet” may be exaggerated and stereotypical, but I supose that roadkill gets into those categories. What are Social Services complaining at?

    Meat of wild animals uses to be lean, and may be the basis for a proper nutrition if you just can add some other catches to that typical hunter-gatherer diet, like roadkill tomatoes, roadkill potatoes or roadkill cucumbers.

    Another cuestion is Go-Go Juice, of course. But, is that mix really more dangerous than usual coke drinks that most childrens have access?

    In western countries, just 100 or 200 years ago, children sometimes drank wine, or beer, because parents considered them “invigorating”, but the actual cause was that peasants not always had access to safe and healthy milk, or water. May be potable water into the “roadkill belt” is also an health issue. Really, I don’t know. As I said before, my perceptions may be exaggerated, and stereotypical.

  13. Skip

    Being poor doesn’t necessitate or excuse being living trash pulled straight from Idiocracy. You can hate the Kardashians/Jersey Shore/Real Housewives right along with hating this, they collectively represent the broad and class spanning spectrum of American degeneracy.

  14. Spike Gomes

    I always find the people who look down on and trash talk folks like this, rather funny. It’s not like if they weren’t on the pageant circuit and on TV, they wouldn’t be eating roadkill and drinking too much soda. It’s what folks there do. Those born into it who are smart either get the hell out as soon as they can, or develop a protective sense over their family and community that involves making peace with the stupid aspects.

    However, I don’t think people running the networks that highlight the worst aspects of rural Southern culture (or Northeastern ethnic minority culture) belong to the left half of the Bell Curve, nor do the advertisers who buy time on these shows. If you want to ladle disgust on someone for dumbing down the culture and rewarding excess and idiocy, don’t spit on the clowns in front of the camera; they’re probably doing the best they can with what they got. Give the real devils their due.

  15. Isabel

    She’s rather cute and charming and seems to be yes a little hyper but also endearing in that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s being a goofy kid and doesn’t come off as a brat. To me she seemed to be mocking the whole process and cheerfully subverting it. 🙂 Funny when she was sitting in the chair and showing off her fat tummy and squishing it so it looked cartoonishly fat. Also on the Dr Drew clip following the linked one where he’s trying out her go-go juice.

    re giving coca cola to kids – someone just emailed me a bunch of “ads you wouldn’t see today”, and there were a couple of those. One even recommended giving it to babies and infants.


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