Thugs make me want to mug Santa

By Razib Khan | August 16, 2012 11:49 pm

Long time readers will understand. These guys make so much eye contact that you’d probably drop your cellphone, and they’d install Symbian on it just to mess with you….

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Comments (7)

  1. ADS

    Did you use to play online poker, or is the connection coincidental?

    The star of the video is a very well known highstakes player

  2. Ed

    Rofl, dude looks like Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat

    I hate it when people act black because they think it will give them “street cred”. I mean a certain amount of urban terminology or influecne etc. is acceptable, but I think these guys have crossed 10 lines… It’s like Romper Stomper meets 50 cent..

  3. Carolus Rex

    Tacitus knew!!

    In wonderful savageness live the nation of the Fenni, and in beastly poverty, destitute of arms, of horses, and of homes; their food, the common herbs; their apparel, skins; their bed, the earth; their only hope in their arrows, which for want of iron they point with bones. Their common support they have from the chase, women as well as men; for with these the former wander up and down, and crave a portion of the prey. Nor other shelter have they even for their babes, against the violence of tempests and ravening beasts, than to cover them with the branches of trees twisted together; this a reception for the old men, and hither resort the young.

    And they are still savages….

  4. Justin Giancola

    ^That’s a “modest propsal” or similarly sarcastic site, right??

  5. boyz

    I love how at 2:10 they thumb big stacks of grubby singles. I think those bad boys might have amassed a whole $187 in worn out dollar bills.

  6. Onur

    Carolus Rex,

    It is not clear who Tacitus’ Fenni were. They mostly likely were not the people whom we call Finns today or any other people from Fennoscandia. Tacitus was most likely referring to a people from eastern Central Europe or western Eastern Europe.


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