All original GSS analyses in charts are Creative Commons

By Razib Khan | October 21, 2012 9:29 pm

Every now and then I get emails/inquiries about using my simple “quick & dirty” charts. I always give permission, and in fact I never complain when other (usually more popular!) weblogs use them. Even on the very rare occasions where attribution is not given (I suspect this is usually an oversight in haste). This is fair enough, as I regularly use figures and tables from scientific papers in my blog posts. I believe this is all reasonably under “fair use.” But I’ve decided to explicitly assert that the charts I produce are under the Creatives Commons license. This is not to force people to attribute. Even if someone uses my chart and does not attribute I won’t really sue or anything like that (unless they’re somehow miraculously making millions off them). Rather, it’s a nudge to those who would use the charts, and should also make it so that people don’t have to contact me directly via email or Twitter. If you want to use the chart or data, permissions is given implicitly.

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  • Mike Linksvayer

    Cool (especially “I believe this is all reasonably under “fair use.””), but which Creative Commons license? As the Wikipedia article you link to explains, there are several, each offering very different terms.

  • Razib Khan

    #1, you can use it for commercial so long as there’s attribution. i guess i should pick one. but as i said above, i don’t plan on enforcing anything. this is so that people don’t need to contact me to check.

  • Razib Khan

    link updated to make everything clear

  • Ezequiel Martin

    You *can* pick more than one. Say, commercial/nonderivatives and noncommercial/sharealike. So anyone has a license to redistribute your work as long as they abide to one of the two licenses. It seems that you want to use just attribution, which seems to be the one that gives the widest rights, so no need to double-license.


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