Skydiving + cats = ?

By Razib Khan | November 18, 2012 2:48 am
  • Emily

    I did some searching and found that no cats were actually skydiving. They used human skydivers then used green screen to make it look like cats were flying.

  • ackbark

    This is what cats do when they’re asleep.

  • pconroy


  • Divalent

    Pssf! That’s clearly phony. Here’s a *real* cat going on a *real* skydive.

  • omar

    Fake or real (the Russian thing seems real enough), what do people think? is it OK to take your cat sky diving..or to throw a cat out of the plane with a remote controlled parachute?

  • ackbark

    Or tie your cat to a remote control helicopter and chase the dog around the yard?

  • Andrew Selvarasa

    Thank goodness it’s fake.

  • Al Cibiades

    The giveaway was the organization of the ‘cats’ in formation….

  • Sandgroper

    #6 – Better still, turn your cat into a remote controlled helicopter and chase the…

  • Brian Too

    @6. ackbark,

    No! The cats will go mad with power!

  • ackbark

    9. That is simply grotesque. The Hannibal Lectopter.

    10. Gets them off the couch.


    Hopefully not scatdiving!


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