Cultural sorting in the University of California system

By Razib Khan | January 25, 2013 11:18 am

My question is simple: why so few Asians at University of California Santa Barbara? Freshman admissions profiles are easy enough to get for the UC system, while Ron Unz has put his demographic data online. For what it’s worth 27 and 9 percent of the children in the California educational system (primary and secondary) were non-Hispanic white and Asian in 2010-2011.

Freshmen admitted profile:

GPA ACT SAT Reading SAT Math SAT Writing White Asian
Berkeley 4.16 30 674 701 692 30.3 37.4
Davis 4.03 28 611 658 632 33.6 37.7
Irvine 4.02 27 588 645 611 20.2 49.1
UCLA 4.11 30 659 702 681 31.5 34.3
Merced 3.57 23 525 559 533 19.5 29.3
Riverside 3.7 25 550 595 566 15.6 37.6
UCSD 4.07 29 639 691 661 24.3 45
UCSB 3.96 28 614 654 635 44.6 15.9
UCSC 3.78 26 573 597 586 42.4 20.8

My impression is that Santa Barbara is relatively weak in the sciences in comparison to an equivalent school like Irvine. Note that at four of the UC’s non-Hispanic whites are underrepresented, using the source population profiles as the benchmark (and in fact, if I limited it to just 18 year olds, a cohort which probably has more than 27 percent non-Hispanic whites, then they may be underrepresented at a few other campuses).

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