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By Razib Khan | February 4, 2013 1:40 pm

Looks like DISQUS has finally been enabled on this website. I know it doesn’t resolve all the issues that cropped up with the site transition, but for me it’s an excellent first step. I assume most of you know how DISQUS works. Basically if you have a Google, Yahoo!, Twitter or a Facebook account you can just login with that. Or, you can create your own DISQUS account.

Once again I have much greater control over comments. So I have to approve the first comment. And I can remove/ban people at my discretion. With these conditions met I will now again spend much more time in comments.

To kick it off I figured I would put up an “unlurk” post. If you want to tell readers/and or/me who you are, go ahead. It will also be a chance for regulars to allow me to approve their comment so that they don’t have to wait in the queue in the future.

  • Karl Zimmerman


    Is there going to be a sidebar for recent comments again?

    It seems like the old comments are poofed, but maybe you just need to go back and manually OK them all?

  • razibkhan

    they’re in the database, but it’s not pushing them out. i can as for them to fix that. also the issues you point out are on my “please to-do list.” but at this point i’m pretty happy that disqus got enabled, so i’m going to chill for a bit and see if i still have the older comment-community left after the period of forced-registration wilderness.

  • jgold85

    Consider me un-lurked! I science (cognitive development, animal cognition). and I blog about the same topics.

  • gwern

    I’m glad to see this change. When the switch happened, I registered a Discover account and *tried* to comment, but the log-ins never seemed to take effect vis-a-vis commenting… I have no idea whether it was a Discover issue, Iceweasel, a plugin (maybe Adblock+) or what, and I didn’t care enough to thoroughly debug it, so I just stopped commenting.

  • Florida_resident

    Standard (albeit sincere) best wishes to Mr. Khan and to his family.
    Your F.r.

  • Benjamin Shepard

    I am a semi-lurker. I have posted in the past with different pseudonyms, mainly because I have never had a standard handle and I always forget the names I have used before. I have been following you since you were at scienceblogs. I enjoy and appreciate your POV, as there are not too many bloggers in the science and atheist blogosphere that are not completely rooted in a leftist or liberal worldview. Cheers.

  • EdReal

    Testing–this is awesome. Glad to be back.

  • Robert Ford

    I’m switching my name from Darkseid to Robert Ford if that’s ok. I don’t really do much but I have a three-legged hedgehog named Stumpy.

  • Steven Esposito

    Unlurking and rejoicing–I missed these forums over the last couple of months. Now going full name, as well.

  • phanmo

    I’ve posted a few times before using this name but I’m happy that Disqus has been set up; I find it convenient to be able to follow my comments.

  • Gregory Cochran

    I am who I am.

    • razibkhan


  • Shayna Williams-Burris

    Unlurking. I’m a PhD candidate in neuroscience, and much of my work is based on genetics/gene expression.

  • Odoacer

    I used to post infrequently under a different name. I’m a grad student who works with adult stem cells. I’ve linked to several of your posts when conversing with people at The Atlantic website. They, your posts, usually explain more clearly what I’m trying to say on certain topics.

  • Glen Maher

    Great to have comments back. I’m an economist from Australia. I can’t intelligently comment on most of your posts, except those on economics or politics, but have learnt a hell of a lot here in the past few years.

  • M. Möhling

    > It will also be a chance for regulars to allow
    > me to approve their comment so that they
    > don’t have to wait in the queue in the future

    I hardly comment but yet, please do

  • Sky Onosson

    I’m not a long-time lurker, as I’ve only been following your blog for a couple of months. Always happy to see a new post in my rss feed.

  • Alina Memoor

    I don’t comment here since I don’t know too much about genetics/genomics, but I’ve been lurking for years! Studied biochem in college and now work in healthcare. Of course we’ve interacted on other blogs many times so I’ll leave it at that : )

  • Karch_Buttreau


  • Jon Claerbout

    I’m a Stanford emeritus seismology professor who does a lot of data analysis in image estimation.

  • AMac78

    I have a background in cell & molecular biology and geology — comment rarely, but happy whenever the discourse here concerns genomics or history. Your (Razib’s) firm hand makes the comments worth reading, a rarity among blogs.

  • TGGP

    Glad to see the new comment system in action.

  • Spike Gomes

    I’m an office lackey with a background in religious studies. I build instruments and do photography in my spare time. I actually have two disqus accounts because of blocking software at work. Is that gonna be a problem? This is the work one, btw.

    Glad to see the comments back to normal.

  • Charles

    So the comments are back. Are the cat photos coming back too?

    • razibkhan

      i was never the one who took most of the cat pix. and the person who did is quite a bit busier with another person….

  • USfromDK

    27 year old student of economics and blogger from Denmark. I’ve read along for years but only commented here a few times, using the name ‘US’.

  • Sandgroper

    Australian civil engineer working inside the Evil Empire. Began reading in 2002 because I have a half-Chinese kid and wanted to help her understand what that meant to her in real terms. The kid has now majored in Biochemistry and Genetics and occasionally tries to help me understand Chinese language/history/culture and what the hell I am, when it doesn’t bore her too much.

  • Aaron Guest

    Historian and educator, my interests are human evolution/creation,
    race/ethnicity, and eugenics/ biodemography. Probably won’t comment much, just like to stay up to date with new research in genetics.

  • Pincher Martin

    Great to have the comments back.

  • EdReal

    Oh, we’re supposed to say who we are? I’m a teacher, I have a blog, and I don’t put my name online anywhere to keep a job. You’ve linked me in on three very happy occasions.

  • chris_T_T

    Chris_T_T checking in.

  • Paul Conroy

    I’m the former “pconroy” and am one of the old time commenters here… maybe the oldest still commenting?

  • S. V.

    Non Resident Indian lurker with a Doctorate in Engineering, living and working in the U.S.

  • sunset_shazz

    I am a SF bay area-based finance professional, with an interest in general science. Professionally, mainly interested in cognitive science and behavioral economics, GNXP is interesting to me so I better understand your analytical tools, as well as your conclusions.

  • Justin Giancola

    I study anthropology. Every other day people mention I look like John Lennon – I don’t see it so much, but there must be something there…

  • Justin Giancola

    Loving the like feature! finally! and ranking the display of posts: awesome!

  • J O

    My RSS feed is usually packed, but this one I always click as soon as it pops up. I’m a non-academic who likes to have a rich information diet, particularly since my family is generally a lousy source for such a thing. It’s quite unlikely that I will ever have anything contributive or relevant to say in response to this blog’s usual material. My own expertise is exceedingly narrow and I expect will be easily automated during my lifetime, a fact which only slightly concerns me and is probably a good thing. I play the foreign currency exchange professionally, despite being 22.

  • Bob Whiteside

    Another lurker delurked, but with a question/request.

    You used to (at the other site) have a “recent comments” thingy. I found that useful, as your comments section is particularly interesting.

    Is it possible to provide one of those?
    Also, it’s possible that is “right over there” and I just don’t see it.


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