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By Razib Khan | March 7, 2013 3:43 pm

Kalmbach Publishing has some terms of use which are now being enforced. Since they pay me, I am going to follow their terms of use obviously. The relevant part for comments here:

Blog Comments Terms

Violating any of the Terms below may result in your account being locked. In the event that your account is locked, we may, but are not obligated to, remove comments you have added to our blog.

Please keep comments on topic (that is, specifically related to the blog post you’re commenting on).
Please keep comments cordial.

No swearing or foul language, and don’t use symbols to mask the words. The meaning is still conveyed and we don’t want it in our blog. Please keep in mind that we have readers of all ages.

The swearing part is pretty straightforward. I have no idea what ‘cordial’ entails. Some readers say rather ignorant or stupid things now and then, and I’m rather frank about that. The main impact this is going to have is that since I moderate the comments I’m going to just publish fewer comments, because I am not inclined to spend much time explaining in cordial terms why the comment was not appropriate (harsh languages is at least compact). Also, anyone who obviously misrepresents anything I say is going to get banned. I can’t be bothered to respond to a response to a point I didn’t make. I’m aware I offend people with some of the things I say, but please get angry about things I actually say, not what you perceive or intuit I say. If I mean it, I’ll say it. That’s how I roll.

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