On replacements for Google Reader, etc.

By Razib Khan | March 24, 2013 11:42 am

With the impending expiration of Google Reader, I have been using Feedly, and I like it quite a bit. So if you’ve been procrastinating, check it out.

The Feedburner address for this blog is:


The blog content is of course pushed to Twitter:


Also, if for whatever reason you want Razib-curated-content, my Pinboard is public (RSS). I also push content to a Facebook account. And the best way to contact me is using one of the options on my personal website. And with that I end this irregularly scheduled administrative post.

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  • JL

    Seriously, http://www.protopage.com is brilliant. Spent a few days going through all the Readers out there, finally found one that basically does everything well, looks great, simple to use, doesn’t try to do too much, but has a literal tonne of features.

  • Jon Claerbout

    I plan to wait until the final weeks when more options and opinions will be available. As for Feedly, when I tried it on iPad, I soon moved back to Google. Perhaps it is merely a matter of learning better how to use it.

  • Val Valerian

    I have found NEWSBLUR to be an adequate RSS reader that is becoming just as good, if not better than Google. http://www.newsblur.com/ Another RSS reader, a little less showy, is Good Noows. http://goodnoows.com/ I have been running both of these, and Google, comparing timeliness and other factors …. I vote for Newsblur as the best, and it is also under continuous development – an additional plus.

  • Kirk_Antaeus

    Do all of you above four commenters access Razib’s blog via Google Reader? I use Firefox Live Bookmarks. I’m surprised no one has mentioned this. Am I an odd-ball, or is Live Bookmarks only feasible for desk/lap tops?

    • Andrew Kantor

      It’s more about the portability — rather, the lack thereof. Live Bookmarks won’t sync with my two computers (home, work) and my tablet.


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