What is a population?

By Razib Khan | June 10, 2013 11:12 pm

Anyone who reads the genomic posts with any interest on his weblog must read Daniel Lawson’s fine review of the topic which he has posted on arXiv, Populations in statistical genetic modelling and inference (via Haldane’s Sieve). Even if you don’t have a population genetic and genomic background the gist is entirely accessible. If you do have a population genetic and genomic background and haven’t used various packages such as STRUCTURE or EIGENSOFT yourself, I would recommend reading Lawson’s characterizations, as they are all spot on.

Also, if you have not, I recommend Lawson’s website for ChromoPainter and fineSTRUCTURE. The utility of these methods is outlined in the paper Inference of Population Structure using Dense Haplotype Data.

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  1. andrew oh-willeke

    I have no idea how to read charts such as the one in this post (I don’t even recall what they are called). I also don’t have an understanding of how charts with the same populations identified on both the X and Y axis can be asymmetrical. Likewise, it isn’t at all clear to me if they very easy to understanding branching taxonomy figure above the chart is derived from the chart, of if it is merely superimposed upon it. A post some day explaining what is going on in these charts and how to read them would be welcome.


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