Open Thread, 7/7/2013

By Razib Khan | July 7, 2013 1:34 am

Worth following this week, #smbe13 hashtag on Twitter (I will be).

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    I thought this video was notable this week. It will divide a crowd quite quickly and most Good People will choose the Good side, of course. It reminded me of this skit:

  2. “The first IVF baby to be screened using a procedure that can read every letter of the human genome has been born in the US.”

  3. Riordan

    Relevant to the department of obscuring things for informational malpractice, here’s two recent pieces from the Grey Lady regarding Burma’s besieged Muslim minority:

    and the rise,, of all things, “extreme Buddhism”:

    Where the burning obvious, actually hinted at the above article and openly displayed in the first one through pictures, would indicate the much more convincing casus belli of ethnicity and race behind those riots and killings. Yet the NY Times continues to hammer onto the point of ostensible religious conflict in the face of it. Equally quixotic is the paper’s attempt to present an ostensible form of Buddhist radicalism, when the monk himself states he’s a nationalist, and despite calling himself a “radical Buddhist”, cites no ostensible material from any of the Pali suttas, or any Buddhist texts for that matter, in his sermons of hate ( not that he could if he tried). Instead, reading more of his words:

    it’s rather clear what we’re dealing with is really a thinly disguised form of ultra xenophobic, tribal nationalism similar to those of Rwanda, Yugoslavia, and perhaps even 1930’s Germany than an ostensibly theological one such as Wahhabist Islam.

    • good point. is there a chance it could just be a logical thing to do (more so than nationalism) for the monks? taking care of the problem before it’s too late?


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