Open Thread, 9/15/2013

By Razib Khan | September 15, 2013 4:39 pm

How do people manage to keep track of the scientific literature in their area?

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  • Odoacer

    I just do a PubMed search on a few key genes and on my model system about every 1.5 weeks. It’s not very fancy, but it keeps me up to date on the big stuff in my field.

  • MercurialPony

    I’d be interested to hear people’s preferred method of keeping track of tangentially related (or for that matter completely unrelated, just curious in) fields.

    • Sandgroper

      Tangentially related – discussion boards, reading journals and talking to people. Unrelated – science blogs. I often find Zeeb’s pin board very interesting, to drag my head out of engineering.

  • Sha

    Electrical engineering:

    1. RSS feeds of relevant journals
    2. Google Scholar alerts
    3. A couple of blogs that closely follow research in certain topics (via people e-mailing the bloggers about new papers, etc.)

  • razibkhan

    unique aspect of mari paganism is that it’s continuous, not reconstructed

  • Chad

    Mostly I use RSS feeds from my favorite journals and I have PubMed automatically send me search results for certain keywords everyday or every other week (depending on the keyword and how often new papers come out).

  • Sandgroper

    Civil/geotechnical engineering:

    What Sha said, plus conference proceedings and seminars. But it’s crying out for open access publishing. On some topics, online discussion boards are now becoming very useful.

    My daughter’s challenge – spot all of the ‘wrong’ things in this. As she said, it’s so wrong it’s great. If anyone gets them all, I’ll be surprised:

    • Sandgroper

      Hints: (1) The singer is Hmong. (2) The concert is in Taiwan.

  • Sandgroper
  • Billare Uticensis

    I have subscription-based access to a number of journals through University servers. Is there a way to get the automated emailing of actual PDFs to an email account? It’s be a hacked together workflow, no doubt but someone out there has to have done it.

    I personally use Google Scholar alerts, SciFinder notifications, and good blogs such as this one, as well as follow productively-tweeting scientists.


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