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By Razib Khan | November 30, 2013 10:32 pm

Update: Comments enabled now!

Until further notice this is my last post as a blogger at Discover Magazine. This shouldn’t impact regular readers. As always you can follow me by going to:

My feed, http://feeds.feedburner.com/RazibKhansTotalFeed

My Twitter, https://twitter.com/razibkhan

And of course, my website, http://www.razib.com

From December 1st, 2013, I will be blogging at Ron Unz’s new website, The Unz Review, at a familar subdomain http://www.unz.com/gnxp (feed, http://www.unz.com/gnxp/feed/).

I’m excited to explore this new opportunity. Ron is still nailing down the details of look, style, and functionality, so expect some changes on my Gene Expression sub-site. To make a long story short Ron wanted to beef up his science coverage, and I was amenable. At least when it comes to my particular bailiwick. Ron has merged my archives from the old Gene Expression website with the content generated at ScienceBlogs and Discover, so no matter where I go, or if I stop blogging due to other obligations, those archives will remain as a coherent whole.

I want to emphasize that my time at Discover was incredible. I want to give special thanks to Tasha Eichenseher, Amos Zeeberg, and Sheril Kirshenbaum. As it happens none of these individuals are associated with Discover at this point (Tasha is leaving as well), but they were instrumental in allowing me to either be here (in Sheril’s case) or focus on writing (in Tasha and Amos’ case). I assume you’ll be somewhat surprised that I mention Sheril, but I feel like I have to give special thanks to her because I’m 99% sure that it was her “good word” which allowed me to catch the eye of an outfit as respectable as Discover. Unlike a blogger as writerly as Ed Yong, or Sheril herself, I’ve always been more data nerd-cum-verbal pugilist. So this leads me to praise the great management skills of the two web editors I’ve had while being a blogger at Discover. They’ve let “Razib be Razib,” by and large letting me do my thing (though yes, in the interests of professionalism I’ve moved most of the more “direct” verbal volleys to Twitter). I really can’t thank anyone else at Discover because I barely knew they existed, which, in light of recent events, seems like a good thing. Overall I give Discover a good grade in terms of understanding how blogging should be run, with a light hand. This, despite the fact that I often put up posts which rubbed many “right-thinking-people” the wrong way, and scoured the comment threads acidly.

There’s really not much else to say. Aside from a new domain, don’t expect many changes.

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Comments (10)

  1. TheBrett

    That’s good news, although I’ll miss the comments discussions here. It looks like Unz is keeping all the comments shut off.

    • razibkhan

      i emailed ron about that. that should change soon 🙂

      • TheBrett

        What kind of commenting system do they use over there when it is active?

        I’m okay with using commenting systems that are Not DISQUS (except for that awful Facebook Commenting System), but they’re just not as useful as DISQUS is.

  2. hmm…a well designed site but i prefer the look of http://www.unz.org/

  3. Luis Aldamiz

    Sorry to hear about all those troubles, Razib, really.

  4. Neuroconservative

    Some *interesting* bedfellows over there — I may not feel comfortable commenting on that site. I will have to ponder that, but I will still be reading. Keep up the good work.

  5. Euler

    With comments not open on the other site, I can’t post this there, but in the first article over there you imply that Howard Zinn is still active as a historian. He died in 2010.

    • razibkhan

      1) comments are open

      2) that’s why i stated were and are in that particular sequence, transposed against the names zinn (were) and barton (are). i’m not an idiot, i posted a link directly to zinn’s wikipedia page. unlike readers i pretty much always either read the page, or have read the page, that i link to.

  6. Dmitry Pruss

    And what about the pinboard, my fav section here?


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