California Snowpack Melts With Breathtaking Speed as Drought Continues in Most of the Western United States

By Tom Yulsman | April 18, 2014 11:58 am
California snowpack

Much of the Western United States is visible in this photograph shot from the International Space Station. (Source: NASA)

Severe drought continues in a large portion of the West, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor report, issued yesterday.

In California, already particularly hard hit by drought, the situation is worsening. Temperatures there were 9 to 12 degrees above normal, which caused breathtakingly rapid melt of the California snowpack. Some areas of the Sierra Nevada lost half of the water locked up in snow in just one week. Yet, there was little change in inflows into the state’s starved reservoirs.

California snowpack

Click for an animation of the change in the water content of snow in California’s Sierra Nevada. (Source: NOHRSC)

With the exception of parts of the Pacific Northwest, and some areas of Wyoming and Colorado, the West overall experienced yet another dry week. Warm temperatures were also the norm. And drought conditions worsened in eastern New Mexico and the southwestern corner of Colorado.

The photograph at the top of this post, taken by astronaut Koichi Wakata aboard the International Space Station in late March, looks north from the finely etched Grand Canyon at bottom. Much of the interior West is visible in this single dramatic image.

At the extreme left of the photo you can make out the Sierra Nevada Range, where some snow is still evident, and the Central Valley of California beyond. Also clearly visible in the photograph are parts of Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming. Idaho and the Pacific Northwest are visible in the upper part of the frame, and possibly a bit of Montana.

In the lower right quadrant you can make out Lake Powell upstream of the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. In the lower left quadrant is Lake Mead, downstream of the canyon. These are the two giant reservoirs that act as hydrologic savings banks, helping to insure water supplies to some 30 million people. Other dams also store water in the Colorado River Basin, a fair portion of which is visible in the photo.

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, overall storage of water in the basin now stands at just 47 percent of capacity, down from 53 percent last year at this time.

But there is a bit of good news — or perhaps I should say less bad news: Winter has brought a healthy amount of snow to the Colorado River Basin overall. As of April 14, the basin snowpack stood at 114 percent of normal. And the bureau is forecasting above normal inflows into Lake Powell through July.

But it won’t be even remotely enough bring water storage back to some semblance of normal.


  • Uncle Al
    The drought is not bad enough, so Lake Mead is being drained to “restore” the Colorado River. Let’s make it am acute crisis,

    Which part of this is Global Warming and which part is weather as a test of faith of Global Warming? I can’t admire the emperor’s invisible new clothes until somebody points to the invisible emperor.

    • Tom Yulsman

      Lake Mead is not “being drained.” Current capacity in the reservoir is 11,509,000 acre-feet. A total of 105,392 acre-feet of water was to be released as part of the restoration plan for the Colorado River Delta. That is less than 1 percent of the water in Lake Mead. Hardly perceptible, let alone an amount that justifies the use of the word “drained.”

      I’m curious as to why this bothers you so much that it prompts you to comment, whereas the explosive, unsustainable growth of Las Vegas evidently does not. In the mid-2000’s, 30,000 homes were being built in Vegas each and every year — just as the drought was really taking hold.

      A relatively infinitesimal release of water to help Mexican farmers and restore some semblance of a healthy ecosystem in the Colorado Delta bugs the heck out of you even though it has no significant impact on water levels, yet you don’t compelled to say anything about the true driver of the problem. What’s up with that?

      • Uncle Al

        Slaking Enviro-whinerism’s thirst is bankrupting California Central Valley farmers whose orchards are dying and whose crops cannot be grown in the US’ most productive farmland. “to help Mexican farmers. That is obscene. Mexican drug lords can subsidize their own.

        America’s corn eco-fuel heartland is still in winter. It must defrost and then dry before fields can be plowed and planted. Federal diversion of food to be burned is based upon estimated crop independent of “weather,” Skyrocketing food and fuel prices mysteriously evade the US drowning in agricultural surpluses and fracking recoveries “good for 100 years” that rationalized building a huge liquefied petroleum gas depot for exports. The cryogenic liquefiers are powered by burning fossil fuels, not corn, independent of cap and trade.

        Faith-based engineering inevitably precipitates economic cloudy days (second-story flooding).

        • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

          Allowing one of the great American rivers to reach its terminus is hardly “enviro-whinerism”, and respecting the water needs of those downstream of you is part of responsible water usage.

          I don’t understand your apparent belief that responsible, sustainable management of water resources is somehow green radicalism.

        • Tom Yulsman

          I’m sorry, but I can barely make sense of much of what you wrote. It is verging on incoherent.

          Concerning providing Colorado River water to Mexico (as well as Rio Grande water), it is not “obscene.” It is required by treaty. Would you have us abrogate our treaties?

          Don’t bother answering unless you can stick to the point and avoid childish phraseology like “enviro-whinerism.” It does nothing to advance anyone’s understanding here. Besides pushing people’s buttons (which I’m guessing is your main goal because it makes you feel better in your sanctimony), the only thing use of such language does is destroy your credibility. As I’ve said to you several times, if you want to be taken seriously, for crying out loud, BE SERIOUS.

  • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

    Tom, I’m sure you’ve written on this before, but I’m curious which markets are most reliant on this snow pack and what alternatives they have.

    • Tom Yulsman

      I’ve not done in-depth reporting on this, so I answer with some trepidation. Suffice it to say that California’s Central Valley is one of the word’s most important agricultural regions, and if I’m not mistaken, most of it is based on irrigation — with water ultimately derived from snowpack and groundwater. As for alternatives, I don’t think there are any. As the snowpack dwindles, groundwater is being depleted too. What’s left? Hope for El Niño and an end to the drought!

      This has some interesting information:

      • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

        Ah. I seem to remember reading that Northern California communities get significant amounts of their drinking water via pipeline from much further north in Oregon or Washington (how annoying must it be for people in water deprived areas to read about Portland flushing 38 million gallons of drinking water)

        The over exploitation of water resources makes me picture the collective resources as the Aral Sea about 30 years ago. The impact of the problem isn’t being fully felt yet (at least not in the areas that have enough financial resources to avert crisis), but its only a matter of time till we start seeing shocking before/after panoramas of once green valleys that are now completely barren that parallel the grounded ships at fishing communities that are now miles from the sea.

        Thanks for the link. That was an interesting read.

        • Tom Yulsman

          This website has useful information on where different communities in California get their water:

          One thing I did not talk about in my post was where Colorado River water winds up in California. The major users are Southern California municipalities, including Los Angeles and San Diego, and irrigation districts in SoCal, including the Imperial, Coachella Valley, and
          Palo Verde irrigation districts.

          So California gets water from its own mountains and aquifers, and from afar as well, including from the Colorado River. My post addressed the impacts of the current dearth of snowpack, and I also mentioned that total storage in the Colorado River Basin is at a disturbingly low 47% of capacity right now. But what I didn’t mention is that consumption of Colorado River water began to exceed supply in the early 2000’s — because of increasing demand, and long-term drought. (More here:

          Here’s the deal: Basically, the Colorado River Compact, which was signed in 1922, allocated 7.5 million acre feet of the river’s flows to the upper basin states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, and 7.5 million to the lower basin states of Arizona, California, and Nevada. (Later, another 1.5 acre-feet were allocated to Mexico by treaty.) The problem is that conditions were just about as wet as they’ve been in the last 100 years when the deal was signed. In other words, at the time it looked like the river easily could provide more 16 million acre-feet per year. But now we know that over the long run, it can’t.

          This one graphic sums up the dilemma: Given the true picture of climate in the basin, I think it is a mistake to think of “drought” as abnormal. It is really the norm!

          But all is not lost. There are still huge opportunities to use water more efficiently. There is much low-hanging fruit that has not been picked. When there was an abundance of water, no one had to think of efficiency and conservation. Now we do. Will we be smart and do the right thing?

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            ugh. Lost a long response to the dreaded Windows 8 update (really? Why can these not be delayed? sigh).

            In short, the whole problem seems to be a classic principle/agent issue. Business men and politicians have more built-in immediate interest in short term profit rather than long term equity.

            Too often the people making policy simply don’t have adequate incentive to make unpopular decisions.

            I suspect it will be an issue where for decades the region is balanced on a knife’s edge. There will be just enough adoption of more efficient practices to keep the situation tenable…. until it isn’t.

            You keep putting bandaids on a car with all sorts of mechanical issues without ever actually fixing the underlying problems. When it final break down, it is 50 miles from the nearest town in a cell phone dead area.

          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            On the other hand, we do have a history of reaching a breaking point and learning our lesson. Maybe I’m just too much of a pessimist.

          • Tom Yulsman
          • disqus_atlq8Zmtsd

            Worth 1018 words. I like it.

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