Huge Volcanic Eruption Propels Column of Ash 12 Miles High

By Tom Yulsman | May 31, 2014 2:20 am

As it passed overhead on Saturday, May 31, NASA’s Terra satellite captured this dramatic image of a massive volcanic plume blowing to the southeast from the Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia. (Source: NASA)

Indonesia’s Sangeang Api volcano came alive on Friday with an explosive eruption that sent a towering column of ash and dust as high as 65,000 feet into the atmosphere.

The volcano in the Lesser Sunda Islands continues to erupt, and the ash plume has spread to Australia, causing all commercial flights into and out of the city of Darwin to be cancelled.

Several spectacular images of the eruption have been making the rounds on Twitter. Here are two of them:


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  • Uncle Al

    Is this a good thing for ending Klimate Kaos top down, or is it a bad thing for causing Klimate Kaos bottom up? Is this a good thing for ending commercial aircraft pollution of the stratosphere, or is it a bad thing for causing collapse of commerce? Is this a good thing for providing condensation nuclei for rainfall in drought-ravaged times, or is it a bad thing for providing condensation nuclei for rainfall in flood-ravaged times?

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      • Buddy199

        WOW!! Dat’s probly why dat volcana blew ez top!!!

  • Buddy199

    Interesting comparison between the atmospheric thermocline shock waves of the volcanic eruption, similar formation for 1950’s hydrogen bomb test, and Danish retro lighting design based on same. FWIW



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