That’s a Weird Looking Sunspot… Hold On… It’s Actually the International Space Station Transiting the Sun!

By Tom Yulsman | July 3, 2014 1:39 pm

Maximilian Teodorescu of Magurele, Romania captured this fabulous image of the International Space Station passing in front of the Sun on June 30. Both he and his wife knew when the event would happen and set up their telescopes and cameras (with solar filters!) in a corn field in hopes of capturing some good photographs.

“When the moment came we both push our remote control buttons and got the dark silhouette of the ISS close to the freshly emerged sunspot groups 2104 and 2107,” he told

As it turned out, capturing the International Space Station transiting the Sun truly was an international affair, as another astrophotographer in New Hampshire was able to photograph the same scene:


This photo is by John Stetson. In his post at, he wrote, “Hello Romania. Here is how it appeared over Portsmouth, NH at 11h12m18s local time. International? Indeed.”

Thanks to both of you for inspiring us with these incredible images.

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