Republican War on Science Paperback—Anticipatory Post

By Chris Mooney | May 30, 2006 7:30 am

This morning, I’m just finishing up final edits on the paperback version of the book. Especially as these things go in the publishing industry, it contains quite a ton of new material: A lengthy new preface that covers recent developments, puts everything in a still broader context, and discusses what scientists themselves can do about the problem of political attacks on science; and seven chapter updates, bringing the storyline up to date on climate science, “data quality,” obesity and mercury, endangered species protections, evolution, stem cells, and reproductive health. The paperback should be out this fall and I am already planning a September tour that will take me out to the West Coast as well as perhaps to some new places where I haven’t been before (if you have any ideas, now is the time to suggest them). Between now and then, I am pretty much exclusively devoting myself to hurricane stuff, but RWOS will be back with a vengeance this fall….

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  1. Alexander Whiteside

    Ever considered coming to Scotland? There’s a good Waterstones on Princes Street in Edinburgh, and the weather’s usually still good in September.

    Whether that’s remotely justifiable for a book tour is another matter of course. đŸ˜‰

  2. Funny you should suggest that…it’s before the paperback comes out, but I will be in London July 15-31, and I probably wouldn’t turn down an invite to Edinburgh, one of my all time favorite cities….

  3. Alexander Whiteside

    At the risk of sounding like your stalker, I’m actually in Kent around there rather than Edinburgh (ill-advised work placement geography).

  4. I don’t know what it takes to be included as part of the Drue Heinz Lecture Series ( ) here in Pittsburgh, but your talk would be well-received.

    I’d come to see you and boost it among my friends.

    The major universities here would also be a good venue for you.

    Perhaps future Senator Casey would show up to introduce you, and you could tell a few Santorum jokes.

  5. Fred,
    I have no current invite, but would certainly consider doing it….

  6. Ross

    Chris, please consider Kansas City, Missouri as a Midwest promotional opportunity. We can draw people in from Des Moines, Omaha, Lawrence Ks, even Wichita and St Louis. Rainy Day Books sponsors numerous exciting and progressive author talks and you would fit right in, plus right now Missouri is having a vigorous stem-cell research debate with a proposed constitutional amendment (Missouri Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative) on the November 2006 ballot which would protect Stem Cell research and cures against prohibitive bans. Your science perspective could dovetail nicely with that. Looking forward to the RWOS updates!

  7. Ross,
    Thank you, I consider all possibilities and have not yet been to KC/St. Louis; however, I’d need an invite probably…

  8. …want to thank you all for your suggestions. Just a general point: I enjoy traveling and speaking, but I don’t have time to organize events on the ground for myself (and don’t have an assistant), so generally some organization or group has taken the initiative, and then we work out the details.

  9. laurence jewett


    Do you think the “Republican War on Science Paperback” will begin AFTER or BEFORE the release of your revised book?

    In other words, will it be a “Pre-emptive Republican War on Science Paperback”? Or just the taditional kind of “Republican War on Science Paperback”?

  10. Laurence,
    I don’t understand the question. The paperback is the same thing as the revised version of the book.

  11. laurence jewett

    I was making a joke, as in war on “Science paperback(s)”

    Forgive my sense of humor. It’s usually drier than a desert and often about as obscure.

  12. drake milton

    Are there any plans to put the book on Audible?

  13. RPM

    Pennsylvania’s an epicenter in the War on Science (with Dover, Rick Santorum, etc). Any interest in coming to Penn State? I’m sure we can get a group to sponsor your visit.

  14. Jon Winsor

    I would second the suggestion to put the book on Audible. That’s a great service.

  15. megan

    ooh, yeah audible. I’m always looking for books to listen to in the lab, I bet others do that too.


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