On Bloggingheads: Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season

By Chris Mooney | August 27, 2007 8:06 pm

I finally figured out how to create diavlog links. Cool. So here are the different segments of my Blogginheads.tv discussion with Henry Farrell, which I think came out quite well.

First, the main link: You can watch the whole diavlog in its entirety here.

Meanwhile, here are the segments:

Chris’s new book Storm World (13:30)

How hurricane science got hot (03:57)

Bill Gray, “the Howard Stern of meteorology” (07:49)

Kerry Emanuel, the anti-Gray (11:05)

Pre-Katrina prophecies, including Chris’s (10:15)

Should scientists “frame” research for the public? (15:56)

Media’s climate coverage getting warmer (07:01)

There are some 81 comments about this diavlog over at the Bloggingheads.tv site, and the numbers are continually rising, so if you want to dive in….


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