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Sex In The Blogosphere

By Sheril Kirshenbaum | September 19, 2007 9:44 am

21151DC~Wonder-Woman-Posters.jpgI tried to keep mum. I really did. Honest! But sometimes I just can’t help myself. I have a question for readers… What’s up with this blogosphere being so gosh darn male dominated? I mean, sure we’ve got some incredibly talented boys here at Science Blogs. Razib’s insightful, Bora’s fun, PZ’s amazing at stirring things up, Carl’s got incredible style, and don’t even get me started on my very favorite scibling (and co-blogger)… still it was recently brought to my attention that we ladies sure don’t represent in the science blogging world. And I just can’t help but postulate why that would be…

Matt commented:
‘Ninety five percent of the comments at the blogs on this are from men and the major players are all male.’

I don’t have the statistics, and granted I’m still learning the nuances of the blogosphere having only arrived here recently, although, if this trend is true, why? Certainly there are some among my gender who are witty, fun, intelligent, and interesting. Of course, we girls tend to appear on the ‘cute’ and ‘hot’ lists, which – as writers – is a bit anticlimactic.

Clearly, The Intersection isn’t about gender roles and I’m certainly not a vocal feminist. I assure you, I’m not trying to incite a war of the sexes (and sure do adore my brilliant male counterparts), but I’ve been turning this question over dozens of times since Monday. I’ve puttered and pondered, I’ve hypothesized, I’ve surmised, and ultimately determined I could let it go quietly as one of life’s mysteries. The Stonehenge of cyberland.

That is, until I read yesterday’s article in The Scientist. And while I couldn’t be any prouder of my five fellow sciblings featured, there it was again, plain as day… not a single lady in the mix. Which brings me back to the original question – why aren’t women making the lists of ‘Top Science Blogs?’

Perhaps you can help me understand the disparity. Is it that fewer women blog? Or is it possible we’re all subject to subconscious cues that direct our attention to the fellas? Hey, it may not be that far fetched given female writers throughout history have penned successful novels under male pseudonyms with the same suspicion. Which makes me wonder whether Harry Potter would have become a phenomenon if J.K. Rowling published under ‘Joanne’? Surely we react differently under the pretense that information is coming from a male versus a female, but why? I can wax poetic with theories, so now I’m hoping readers will help shed some light on what’s going on. After all, what do I know? I’m just a girl đŸ˜‰


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